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Football is a widely loved national sport which has inspired many millions of children to get active.

One of the reasons football is so popular is its accessibility – an open space and a ball is all you really need to practice.

That accessibility is something Premier Education wants to capture through our engaging and inclusive football sessions. Our highly trained coaches can adapt their sessions to whatever facilities are at your school, as well as taking each child into consideration. We pride ourselves on creating sessions that every child will enjoy and learn from.

football game through net

Football for Everyone

For the younger players (ages 5 – 7), we explore football through fun themes and stories. We work on controlling the ball, and building skills like balance, agility and co-ordination. Our games are designed to develop communication skills and teamwork. Plus, we make sure that every child gets that great feeling of scoring a goal!

For older children, Premier Education have created fun, engaging ways to turn skills into techniques by creating specific in-game scenarios. Our coaches will also build on transferable skills and knowledge for them to take into any other sport they enjoy.

As with all our courses, the focus is on inclusion more than competition – we want every child to join in and have fun. We press the importance of following and understanding the rules and respecting both the players and the referee – these skills are important both on and off the pitch.

football boys football kit
football ball and coach
football boys and girl