Our FAQ's

Q . Why can’t I add my child to the booking process?
Please ensure that your child is not registered under a separate email address for yourself or member of your family.
If you are still having difficulties please call our friendly customer solutions team on 01953 499040, Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm.

Q Do you collect my child form their classroom for the Extracurricular Club.
Unfortunately, we do not have details of the classes the children are in, so you will need to advise their class teacher that they will be attending, and they will ensure that they make their way to the school hall with their pe kit and you collect them from the hall at the end of the session.

Q. Can I book an event via the website for an Extracurricular Club even after the event has started.
Yes, you can book via the website and at the final payment stage you will pay a prorata price taking into account the dates that have already passed. If booking on the day you wish for your child to attend, please ensure that you advise the school that you have just made a booking so that they are aware.

Q. The system is allowing me to enter a promotional code, but I was informed this is invalid. Is this correct?
Although promotional codes can be entered, if you are booking using a promotional code, we do require you to read the Terms and Conditions in relation to promotional offers. Misuse of the code will result in your booking being void and a full refund given. In the case of promotional codes which have been sourced via the internet and not our own website will be deemed invalid as each event will display any promotional offers in the ‘Parent Announcement section’ of the venue. Any codes not displayed will be deemed invalid as per our terms and conditions. The exception to this is any promotions which we offer to National Newspapers from time to time or our competition winners that have been allocated a unique promotional code.

Q. Why do I not receive a discount when I entered the code?
Please ensure that the promotional code is still valid and the relevant reduction in the cost has been deducted prior to submitting your booking. Also, please check the Parent Announcement section of the event to ascertain if the code is applicable to the event in question.

Q. What is the ‘Flexi Booking’?
Flexi booking cost’s £3.50 which can be paid to ensure that, if you need to cancel your booking after the 7-day statutory period, then a full refund for the cancelled date will be issued, less the insurance payment. Please note that only cancellation of the remainder of the booking will be refunded. This does not include selected dates if the event is an extracurricular club which is bookable via the half term or terms sessions. A refund will be issued if the bookings for these events are ‘day by day’ booking.
If the booking is for a holiday event, then we can arrange for the date to be amended to an alternative during the same holiday period at the same venue.

Q. Will I need to supply a packed lunch on holiday courses?
Yes, please ensure your child brings a full lunchbox including plenty of fruit and lots of water, keeping them hydrated throughout the day.
During the summer months, please ensure you pack high factor sun cream for regular application throughout the day.
We request that you refrain from sending any items that may contain nuts as other children may have severe nut allergies.

Q. How do I get a refund if I don’t want to attend the activity?
Refunds will only be issued if you are within the statutory 7-day cut off period or if you opted to take the ‘flexi payment’ when you made the booking. No refunds or credits will be issued if neither of these conditions apply to your booking.
Please note refunds will only be issued for the cancellation of the remainder of the event and not selected dates if you are cancelling an extracurricular club.

Q. Can I pay using Child Care Vouchers.
Yes, any venues where child care vouchers can be used to make payment will be illustrated and have the details of how to proceed to make the booking using the vouchers in your possession.
You will still receive a confirmation email for the booking.
Once the booking has been forwarded to your local area office they will contact you with all the details you require for your provider to release the payment.


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