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Table Tennis England...


Inspiring a new generation to love Table Tennis and have loads of fun, with TT Kidz!

Table tennis is a fun game which can run before or after school with minimal equipment and no fuss, to engage a diverse range of kids!

TT-Kidz is an 8-week programme, put together by Table Tennis England and delivered by our highly trained coaches. As an introductory course aimed at 7-11 year olds, it’s accessible and inclusive, with a full progress and awards system to track their improvement. Pupils will improve their co-ordination and table tennis skills whilst making friends and having fun along the way.

When held in the morning, TT Kidz is a great way to get kids alert and awake for the day, without tiring them out. Sessions can also be held immediately after school, as pupils don’t even need to change into their PE kit to play. It’s a great game to involve all pupils, including those who aren’t as engaged with other games and sports.

"We are excited about working with Premier Education as our official TT Kidz delivery partner. Our partnership with Premier Education, as a trusted delivery partner to schools and young people, will help enable more young people to experience table tennis in a safe environment. What’s great about the partnership to, is that Premier Activity Professionals will also help to signpost any young people and their parents to appropriate opportunities through our club network, should they want to play more. It’s a win, win for everyone."

Greg Yarnall, Head of Development & Volunteering

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