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Support your children’s health and wellbeing at home with our FREE and easy Stay Active resources.

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Why are we providing FREE activity ideas?

With primary schools closed once again, many children across the UK have no option but to stay at home. Knowing how hard it can be keeping children engaged in learning at home, and what a challenge it is to keep them active too, we’re sharing resources with parents everywhere to help out.

After all, with over 20 years’ experience in running activities to benefit children’s physical and mental wellbeing, we thought it would be right to share our expertise and strategies to help children stay active – to keep both their physical and mental health in tiptop shape.

See how our collection of quick, creative, and fun activities can help you and your children at home – whatever your situation.

How do the activities work?

Our exclusive activity pack features activities and challenges across the three key areas that support childhood development. The supplied activity cards have clear step-by-step instructions, with options for different age groups, and require little or no equipment.

When can we do these activities?

Designed to be quick, easy and fuss-free, the activities can be easily integrated into your day. Whether completed before breakfast at the start of the day, in the midday sunshine or ahead of dinner time, the activities are suitable for any space from the family kitchen, to living room or garden.

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These activities have been designed to provide you with quick, easy, engaging games that improve your children’s physical coordination, alertness, confidence and general health and wellbeing. Created by our expert partners, such as British Gymnastics and Table Tennis Kids, these games will keep the whole family entertained.

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Health & Wellbeing

Teaching young children about their health & wellbeing can be challenging. The mindful activities have been developed to give you simple ways to encourage your class to be more reflective, self-aware and generally healthy.

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While the children are home from school, we can provide a unique opportunity to teach your children life skills that will support their development in the future. These activities have been devised to teach valuable financial lessons, leadership skills and personal management.

Stay Active with Premier Education
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