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Enhance your provision with specialised enrichment

Develop skills, introduce sports, and inspire pupils

Schools are doing a great job at delivering a well-rounded curriculum to every pupil, every year. But we’re here to offer more. Premier Education enrichment sessions offer a unique boost to areas of your PE and life skills provision, focussing in on areas in which your school has potential to excel.

Whether it’s a morning, an afternoon, or the whole day, each session is a great way to keep kids active, promote learning (in and out of the classroom) and help pupils to grow and succeed.

Inspire your pupils this Summer term with the Eiffel Athletics Trail

Inspired by the games in Paris, the Eiffel Athletics Trail is focused on participation, teamwork, perseverance and healthy competition. Our fully coached in-school enrichment activities will grow confidence and skills in your pupils in equal measure.

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Why your school needs enrichment

Enrichment is important to your school in many ways. First and foremost, sessions help children to have additional fun and excitement during the school day – leading to happy and healthy pupils. It is also a great way to show Ofsted that your school goes above and beyond when it comes to pupil’s physical, mental, and social development.

Book a session that works for your school today! We make sure that all enrichment days that we deliver work within your school’s schedule.

Benefits for your school, and your pupils

Thanks to our high quality coaching, children will have the chance to try a variety of sports and activities for the first time. Enrichment offers unique opportunities to support and enhance the activity and wellbeing curriculum within your classrooms.

  • Creates a focus on one particular area of your provision;
  • Exciting and engaging for pupils of all ages;
  • Boosts confidence, social skills, self-esteem and physical wellbeing;
  • Improves physical literacy in pupils;
  • All activities are inclusive and suitable for children of all abilities and experience;
  • Promotes the benefits of leading a healthy, active life;
  • Our sports enrichment is supported by a range of National Governing Bodies for certain sports;
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Boosting your schools provision with these enrichment sessions:

Get the most out of your PE and Personal Development curriculum:

How to promote children’s health and wellbeing in
your school today >

The findings from the NHS Digital report (Sept 2021) revealed that one in six children aged 5 to 16 was identified as having a probable mental disorder – five children in a class of 30 students. This was an increase from one in nine children in a 2017 report…

The ultimate tool for measuring pupil engagement
in Physical Activity >

Physical activity is a huge influencing factor in pupil health and wellbeing, yet without data or insight, a school is in the dark about the efficacy of its PE delivery. Being able to demonstrate pupil engagement is important because it illustrates the impact of PE delivery and outcomes…

Here’s what our partner schools have to say:

“Our experience of working with Premier Education has been first class. They are a reliable organisation, sending high quality coaches to deliver outstanding PE and enrichment.”

Adam Bell, Stradbroke Academy, Head of school

“Premier Education have very high expectations of all their staff members. Premier Education were also recognised as a strength of the school in our latest Ofsted report.”

Lindsay Hanger, Northgate Primary school, Headteacher

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Enrichment sessions for your pupils

If you’re a parent, making an enquiry about activities for your child, please enquire here.