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Summer Holiday Camps

The summer holidays are where it started, with holiday clubs set up to entertain children during the long break from school. In greater numbers than ever before, Premier Education’s Holiday Camps help parents out with their school holiday childcare plans. For the kids, they guarantee time spent making new friends, having fun, and building confidence through an array of unrivalled activities.

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Summer Holiday Camp Information for Parents

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to before you book your child’s place:

Holiday Camp Essentials

We want every child to have an incredible experience, every time. For that to happen, we ask that they come fully prepared for the day ahead. Here’s what they need:

Weather appropriate clothing

Children will be taking part in a range of exciting activities, which may be indoors or outside. The weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, but it’s crucial to check the forecast and pack them a bag with the clothing they’re likely to need.

If it’s raining – they need a coat, even if it’s a thin one. If it’s going to be hot, please consider shorts rather than trousers. For some courses, we even suggest a change of clothes – just in case.


The essential component for a week of fun in the sun. It’s great when the sun is shining, and it can make each week of the school holidays that bit more memorable, but the sun has its dangers too – especially in the height of summer.

We’ve teamed up with Melanoma Fund to bring you the ‘outdoor kids sun safety code’:

PREPARE: Try and ensure you put suncream on before leaving the house. If you’re attending one of our holiday camps, always apply sun cream before arrival.

PROTECT: Along with sunscreen, always wear a hat (and sunglasses if you can) during hot summer days. SPF30 or above is recommended by our partners at the Melanoma Fund.

SHADE: Avoid direct sunlight during peak sunshine hours, especially at lunchtime. Seek shade whenever possible.

HYDRATE: Make sure you drink lots of water to keep you hydrated. When attending a Premier Education holiday camp, please bring a refillable water bottle to top up throughout the day!

LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Take pride in being a good influence and show your sun protection measures to others, encouraging them to do the same!

Make sure your child comes with adequate sunscreen protection, as our camp leaders will be asking them to apply it regularly throughout the day.

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For maximum enjoyment of fun filled activities, appropriate fuel is crucial. Ahead of each of our day camps, we ask that parents pack enough food to last the day. On most summer camps, we break for lunch at around 12 pm, giving kids the chance to refuel in preparation for an afternoon of fun activities.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at our guide to easy, healthy, and budget lunches which are ideal for holiday camps.

Plenty of Water (and a refillable bottle)

Hydration is important for all age groups year-round, but during the hottest months of the year, it is essential that children aged 4-12 child stay hydrated throughout the day.

Please make sure that your child arrives at camp with a full water bottle (ideally one that is refillable!)

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Our Summer Holiday Camps

No matter what activities your child loves, we host holiday camps that are sure to pique their interest. From team sports, to fun games and arts and crafts, there’s always something for kids to enjoy while school is out for summer. We have four holiday club types available at our various camp locations:

Multi-activity camps

The widest range of fun activities on offer, multi activity camps are always a winner, with a mix of games, sports, and creative activities for all ages.

Multi-sport camps

Non-stop action, with a carefully selected variety of classic sports like basketball, cricket and tennis, as well as growing sports such as Tchoukball and Lacrosse.

Performing arts camps

Explore communication, movement, and body language in interesting and creative ways, through dance, drama, and theatre.

Sport specific camps

Double down on their favourite sport, and enjoy a creative range of activities within it. Our specific football or gymnastics camps are very popular!

All our camps are great for all children, regardless of experience or ability.

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Where are the holiday clubs taking place?

We choose our venues carefully so that we can provide a safe and secure environment for all attendees, and we have summer camp locations right across England. You can use our handy search tool at the bottom of this page to find your closest camp, or you can search to see what’s on in your local primary school.

When are the holiday clubs on?

We have camps running throughout the six week summer holidays, from when schools break up right until they reopen in September. You can book a place for a full week, or for individual days – the choice is yours!

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Prices vary with each region, venue, and course type. Some courses (those that run extended hours) are likely to cost more. Prices for each camp can be found on the camp pages.

Extended days

At some camp venues, we are able to offer extensions to the regular day camps, making it even more convenient for busy parents. With both early drop-offs and late pick-ups, our flexible holiday clubs provide the ideal solution for school holiday childcare.

Key benefits for your kids

A chance to develop key life skills

We know how important it is to parents that their little ones have the opportunity to gain key life skills, and can develop them in a safe, nurturing environment.

Sports and other types of physical activity are often highly competitive, and children of all ages can feel like they are being left behind. In our Holiday Camps, fun comes first! We provide a strong basis for children to grow their confidence, independence, and improve their teamwork skills.

Give new activities a go

Every course during the school break gives kids access to experiences and opportunities they may not always get at school.

Our most popular camps are the multi-activity camps, where, thanks to fantastic facilities, we’re able to incorporate a range of outdoor activities and sports (like football and tennis) with indoor activities (like gymnastics and crafts.)

Introducing children aged 4-12 to new sports, games, and different activities is the perfect way to inspire a lifelong love of exercise and physical activity.

A boost for learning

Research shows that primary school children who exercise regularly benefit from increased concentration, and in turn are able to learn better.

Our Activity Professionals teach your children new skills and techniques that apply beyond the school holiday, and will support them when they return to primary school.


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Stay fit, stay healthy

Keeping your children active over the long school holiday can be a challenge for parents, with many kids now defaulting to virtual activities.

The Chief Medical Officer for England, Chris Whitty recommends that children spend at least 60 minutes participating in physical exercise each day. This is achievable for many during term time, but most struggle to get active and meet the recommendation during the holidays.

We understand all too well how hard it can be to regain fitness come September, so we’ve made it our mission to give children the chance to get active and stay fit during the holidays.

Safety during the summer school holidays

In many of our venues, we are an Ofsted registered childcare provider (look out for a badge on the course page), and the safety of your children is always a key priority.

Our Summer camps are led by fully qualified Activity Professionals, who work alongside each school and venue to ensure that children are safe, having fun, and keeping active. At each camp, we maintain a coach-to-child ratio of 1:16, to provide the care and attention that your children deserve.

Covid-19 measures

We’ve changed the way we deliver our Holiday Camps. Every coach has successfully completed a Level 2 qualification in Infection Prevention, Mitigation, and Management to help prevent the spread of viruses in the school or venue.

We keep up to date with government guidance year-round and always implement best practice procedures. Social distancing is advised at drop off and pick up times, and will be followed inside camps whenever necessary.

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How To Book Your Child’s Place

We have made it easy to book your child’s place on a course this Summer break.

Use the handy search tool to find Holiday Camps that are available in a school or venue near you: