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Christmas Holiday Camps

At Premier Education, we get the festive season off to a great start with our Christmas Holiday Camps. Each year, our coaches bring a whole host of fun, games and activities that will keep your kids active during the school holidays.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Premier Education is the leading provider in primary school sports, physical activities, and holiday clubs. Our specialist coaches are experts in childcare and deliver first-class experiences children love.

Guaranteed to deliver festive fun during the holiday season, our clubs are the perfect place for children to play with friends, participate in a variety of sports and activities whilst learning skills useful to their future development. From arts, crafts, and festive games, to football, netball and volleyball, our holiday camp activities provide children with a wide variety of learning opportunities whilst providing convenient childcare.

We understand that the winter season is a busy period for families. Our holiday camps provide the perfect place for kids to be entertained through a variety of multi-activity sessions whilst parents are occupied with daily commitments.

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What to expect from our Christmas Holiday Camps?

Premier Education Holiday Camps provide an affordable and convenient childcare option whilst offering a vast variety of fun-filled, multi-activity sport sessions, guaranteed to keep your kids entertained over the Christmas holidays.

We understand that the health of children has never been so important, which is why our camps deliver activities that encourage development, learning, and active lifestyles for children of age groups 5-11.

Christmas Holiday Camps at Premier Education are a safe place for children to have fun. As the UK’s leading provider of multi-activity and primary school sports, we ensure that all our venues are well-adapted to the current guidelines, measures and are COVID-19 secure.

All our coaches have undertaken specialist training and are prepared to deliver a whole host of industry-leading activities your kids will love right through the school holidays. Activities run by our expert coaches are scientifically proven to aid child development, encouraging an active lifestyle during the chilly winter season.

Christmas Holiday Camps activities

With a wide variety of multi-activity and sports sessions for your child to get stuck into during the Christmas school holiday, a Premier Education Holiday Camp is the perfect place to be for endless fun and games.

From football, drama and dance to festive-themed arts and crafts, each day at one of our winter clubs offers a new and exciting activity, ensuring children are kept entertained throughout the build-up to Christmas.

Here are a few festive holiday camp activities that make for a week full of fun…

Ice Breaker Games

Ice Breaker Games are a great method our coaches use to get the kids warmed-up and ready for an action-packed day of playful games. This is type of activity is often delivered at the beginning of each day and helps children familiarise themselves with their coaches, the surroundings and ease them into socialising with other children.

Netball – Christmas Pudding!

This festive adaptation of netball is a fun, exciting activity children love. Our coaches split the group into 3 teams with 2 teams per court and nets at each end (the oven). Both teams on the court compete to score a point by getting the ball (pudding) into the oven. The team who puts the most puddings in the oven wins the game.

Volleyball – Flying the Sleigh!

In this game, our coaches organise the children in groups of 2’s or 4’s, and separate them evenly to each side of the court. The focus of the game is keep the ball up (the sleigh) for as long as possible (a rally). The coaches allow the children to explore ways to keep up the ball and get it over the net for as long as possible. This is activity is great for developing hand-eye coordination, agility, and balance.

Tennis – Warm & Toasty!

Paired in 2’s, coaches encourage children to strike the tennis ball over the net (the firepit). The objective of the game is for the kids to build-up a rally between the pair. Objects within the venue are used as benchmarks to set the score, representing how high their fire is, for example, 5 or less is equal to the height of the door, and 6-10 is equal to the height of the fire alarm. This is a fun way for kids to conduct aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, dynamic balance and practise hand-eye coordination.

What your child’s day could look like

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HAF funded Holiday Clubs

During the Christmas School Holiday, Premier Education is working with Local Authorities to ensure that the holiday activities and food (HAF) programme is delivered to communities in their areas. We recognise that the holidays can be difficult for some families due to increased costs, childcare, and reduced incomes.

Providing free Christmas holiday clubs to those in need of support helps to address the holiday experience gap some children encounter, giving school students access to healthy snacks and lunch during the holiday.

Who is eligible?

HAF-funded holiday camp provisions are available for families and students of the ages 5-11 who currently receive free school meals.

For more information about the HAF programme visit or make an enquiry on your eligibility here.

Our promise to parents

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and 9,500+ raving reviews on Trustpilot, our holiday clubs are trusted by parents for excellent childcare of children primary school age located as venues across the country. With a variety of games and activities delivered by our expert coaches, children are in for a non-stop, fun-filled school holiday of active entertainment.

From mornings playing football, dodgeball, and dance to afternoon sessions of arts, crafts, and games of a festive theme. Each day at a Premier Education Holiday Camp looks different and is full of surprises that will keep your children active, happy, and healthy all week during this chilly winter season.

Our aim is to encourage learning and development amongst children through our fun, multi-activity delivery in safe venues. All our holiday camp coaches have Level 2 qualifications in Infection Prevention, Mitigation and Management. No other holiday club provider offers the same and as the leading provider for primary school sports we believe that parents deserve reassurance of children safety.

Safe practice guidance – Covid-19

We’ve been running Holiday Camps for a long time which has meant that adapting to the new government guidelines has been a smooth and comfortable process for us. All our venues, whether they’re a school or in the community, undergo ongoing risk assessments to ensure every camp remains COVID-safe.

We operate with group sizes of a maximum of 16 children per coach. This ensures children still have an opportunity to socialise and have fun, and their wellbeing is protected.

Find our Christmas Holiday Clubs near you

All our Christmas holiday clubs run across various dates over the Christmas School Holidays. Use the search navigation tool to find suitable camp dates and venues near you.