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Engaging clubs delivered before school, at lunchtime or after school

We’re supporting primary schools in your area with fun focused, expert-led sport and physical activity extracurricular clubs, all uniquely tailored to the needs of staff and pupils.

Our before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs give new opportunities for pupils to get active, enhance their learning (in and out of the classroom) and boost valuable characteristics like self-belief and determination over time. In every session, experienced and empathetic coaches guide children of all interests and abilities to find an activity they love.

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In need of new activities in your school?

Choosing the right extracurricular activity can be difficult for schools and children alike. Luckily, our activity professionals are trained to the highest industry standards to deliver more than thirty of the best extracurricular activities and sports for schools. It’s easier than you think to try something new and find something you love. Add archery or fencing, try tag rugby or give gymnastics a go!

A six-weekly programme can also help children build confidence within a specific sport to prepare for any inter-school competitions during the school year, turning what can be a daunting experience into a fun one. We can also help your school to go that one step further to coordinate local club links and partner with several national sports associations.

With so much choice, tailor an activities programme that best suits your school environment and challenges your students.

Bountiful benefits for staff & pupils

Extracurricular activities in school give pupils vital opportunities to get active and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, all while having fun with their friends in a safe and supportive setting. There’s no shortage of other benefits too:

  • Gives children the chance to try new sports and activities and develop new interests;
  • Provides a lifeline to busy parents;
  • Boosts confidence, social skills, self-esteem and physical wellbeing;
  • Improves physical literacy in pupils;
  • All activities are inclusive and suitable for children of all abilities and experience;
  • Promotes the benefits of leading a healthy, active life;
  • Supported by a number of National Governing Bodies of sport;
  • Contributes towards 60 minutes of recommended daily physical activity.

Want to know more? Check out our knowledge hub for more stories and information on how engaging in extracurricular activities can help your pupils grow.

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Trained to provide a range of
action-packed extracurricular clubs

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Choosing the right extracurricular provider >

There are plenty of examples of extracurricular activities and providers that offer activities both indoors and out, so choosing the right one for your pupils and your school can be a tricky choice – but it doesn’t have to be. We have put together a guide about how to choose the right after-school club provider for your school to make the best and most informed choice.

Premier Education handles all the fun and games (literally!), but also the heavy lifting too. We work closely with partner insurance companies to arrange high-quality, bespoke insurance, providing a minimum level of £10m public and £10m employer liability cover.

With us, schools will never have to worry about supply cover. Our secure online portal means we can handover effectively in the event of staff sickness.

Benefits beyond the sports hall >

And it’s not just improved fitness and physical well-being that can be improved with extracurricular activity. Physical activity in primary school supports pupils’ development beyond the sports hall too.

Regular exercise can result in everything from improved confidence, concentration and behaviour to quicker processing and sharper memory – it has even been found to positively impact grades and test results.

By bringing daily physical activity into schools, you can ensure children are maintaining healthy activity levels that will improve both their health and concentration – not to mention releasing some of that pent-up energy before heading home.

Frequently asked questions

Are extracurricular activities expensive?

Our extracurricular courses represent great value for money for parents, but it’s worth noting that schools can choose to partly or fully fund these clubs using their Sports Premium.

Why are extracurricular activities important?

Whether it’s to let off steam after school, indulge further in a sport they love, or just widen their interests, children will love the bonus opportunity to be with their peers and have fun.

However, offering extracurricular activities isn’t just beneficial for the children, it’s beneficial to the school too. Under the ‘personal development’ section of the Ofsted inspection framework, inspectors look for evidence of a range of extracurricular activities.

Why choose Premier Education?

Our Activity Professionals are highly trained in a wide range of sports, so you can be confident that the children will be receiving the highest standard of coaching and care possible!

Our experience, knowledge and flexibility mean we seamlessly become an extension of your teaching staff to provide this fantastic provision.

We also have strong partnerships with a number of sporting National Governing Bodies such as the LTA, providing us with unique course content and expertise.

Here’s what our partner schools have to say

“Working with Premier Education has been first class. They are a reliable organisation, sending high quality coaches to deliver outstanding PE and enrichment.”

Adam Bell, Stradbroke Academy, Head of school

“Premier Education have very high expectations of all their staff members. Premier Education were also recognised as a strength of the school in our latest Ofsted report.”

Lindsay Hanger, Northgate Primary school, Headteacher

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Extracurricular clubs for your pupils

If you’re a parent, making an enquiry about activities for your child, please enquire here.