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How to Choose an After-School Club Provider for Your School

Breakfast clubs and after-school clubs not only give kids the opportunity to get active before and after school, but they’re also a lifeline for busy parents, allowing them to do the school run and make it to work on time.

Breakfast and after-school clubs offer a number of benefits for schools, pupils and parents, but it’s important to make sure you choose the right after-school clubs provider.

Below is our guide to choosing the right school club provider:

What to consider in choosing an after school club

How to choose a school club

Premier Education’s breakfast & after-school clubs

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What to consider in choosing an after school club for your school

While there are many options for school clubs that offer indoor and outdoor activities, there are a few factors that will help you to make an informed decision about the best provider for your school.

Is it a safe environment?

As after school clubs run on school grounds, you can be rest assured that location-wise, they’re taking place in a safe setting that is suitable for children to learn and have fun alongside their friends.

However, it’s also important to consider what safeguarding policies an organisation has in place to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of the children in their care. Safeguarding policies should mitigate risks of all sizes, from simple things such as providing sun cream and requiring sun hats, to more serious considerations such as child protection.

It’s also important that the activity provider has staff who are trained in first aid, at every breakfast and after-school club session. It’s worth checking that first aid certification is up to date.

Are the sessions at times that help parents?

After-school clubs are a lifeline for working parents that require childcare. As an extension to the school day, it allows parents to better juggle their working and family lives, while also giving children the opportunity to have fun.

However, it’s important to check that the after-school and breakfast club provider runs sessions at times that support parents and act as a meaningful extension to the school day. A breakfast club that only takes place on an ad hoc basis, may not be that useful to those that work full time, for instance.


Are the staff fully qualified and experienced?

Even with safeguarding policies in place, if the provider’s staff aren’t trained or experienced in working with children, they won’t be the right organisation for your school.

Fully qualified and experienced staff will be able to deliver fun and engaging activities that benefit children’s learning overall, whether that’s through free play or organised activities.

Experience is crucial, but it’s also important to consider what formal qualifications staff have and whether they have regular DBS checks.

Are there a variety of activities available?

As you know, the key to engaging children is variety. If a child is taking part in the same activities each week, they’re likely to become disengaged, their energy levels will drop and they’ll become reluctant to attend.

However, if the after-school childcare team delivers enriching activities, children are more likely to make new friends, learn new skills and boost their self-confidence.

Do they provide nutritious food?

Depending on what sort of school clubs you’re looking for, they may provide breakfast or an afternoon snack. Ensuring that it’s a nutritious breakfast or after-school meal will give parents peace of mind about the health of their child while they’re in childcare, while also providing the child with key nutrients they need to stay active for the school day and beyond.

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How to choose the right school club for your school

Do your research

There is plenty of information available online for different school and holiday club providers. The UK Government also has a variety of useful resources to help you, including guidance for keeping children safe.

It’s also useful to look at parent reviews for different schools to ensure that provider is able to consistently provide engaging clubs for each child.

Visit the club

The best way to get a feel for what the club is like is to see them in action. It is worth asking prospective after-school club providers if they can get permission from the school for visitors to be permitted. 

If you know of schools nearby, you may also wish to ask them directly to visit and observe.

When observing the session, pay attention to:

  • How the staff greet and interact with the children (particularly how they deal with inappropriate behaviour);
  • How the children talk to the staff;
  • How the children interact with each other (Are they cooperative and respectful of others?); and
  • The range of activities on offer (Do the activities seem well thought out and organised?)

If you can, you should also talk to the supervisor to find out about the procedures for registration and costs, as well as safeguarding and first aid.

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Premier Education’s breakfast & after-school clubs

Also known as wraparound care, Premier Education offers breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and holiday clubs for schools of all sizes.

As the leading provider of sports and physical activities for primary schools in the UK, Premier Education is uniquely positioned to provide breakfast & after-school childcare that is delivered by fully qualified coaches, with experience in supporting active learning and emotional wellbeing, through physical activity and fun.

Safe environment

As our clubs are organised with schools and take place on school grounds, we have a number of safety protocols to keep kids safe. All of our staff are also fully trained in safeguarding and paediatric first aid with regular DBS checks.

We make sure that children remain safe without having to miss out on all the fun. This includes ensuring children are wearing suitable clothing for activities and that sessions are filled with activities designed with safety in mind.

Fully qualified staff

Our activity professionals are not only trained in safeguarding and paediatric first aid, they also undergo rigorous training to ensure they are ready to work with children in primary school environments.

Since the pandemic started, our staff have also undertaken a Level 2 qualification in Infection Prevention, Mitigation and Management.

This means that children get access to fun activities that help them to build confidence, burn energy and learn new skills, while remaining safe at all times.

Convenient session times

Our breakfast clubs typically run between 7:45am and 8:45am, allowing for convenient child drop off  in the mornings. Similarly, our after-school clubs will run from the end of the school day until 6pm so that children with working parents have the opportunity to join in.

Variety of activities

Our after-school sessions feature a huge range of sports and games, from classic favourites such as football, to brand new experiences we know children will love. Whether it’s a group activity or activities split into smaller teams, every child has the chance to learn new skills and operate as a team – boosting their cooperation, confidence and friendships.

Nutritious foods

As part of our wraparound childcare provision, some of our clubs offer nutritious meals to help kickstart the day, and to give kids the boost they need after school.

All food preparation is done in a hygienic manner and is organised by the coaches in your local area.

Easy system for bookings

Booking sessions shouldn’t be hard work, so we handle all of the bookings, meaning that schools don’t have to. With an easy process for parents to find their school and manage their bookings, all of the admin is taken care of by our team, with support on hand if needed.

Low costs for parents

Not only do we ensure making bookings is easy, we also keep costs as low as possible for parents. At many venues, Premier Education Wraparound Care accepts childcare vouchers and doesn’t require the purchase of additional equipment.

Happy parents and even happier children

With a focus on fun, Premier Education ensures that every child leaves the session excited to come back for more. But, don’t just take our word for it! We have over 10,000 reviews about our school clubs and holiday clubs with an overall 4.8-star rating.

Find out more about Premier Education Wraparound Care and if you have any further queries, get in touch today.