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New gymnastics programme available to UK schools will make gymnastics more accessible to young children

A new programme has been launched by British Gymnastics to modernise delivery of gymnastics across the UK and improve children’s access to the sport.

Rise Gymnastics is a fun and engaging programme that provides children with a progressive journey through recreational gymnastics, whilst encouraging them to develop physically, socially and emotionally.

It is hoped the programme will give all primary school children the opportunity to participate in the sport, regardless of their experience or background.

Premier Education, the exclusive school delivery partner of British Gymnastics, will deliver the programme to primary schools in England, in the hope it will relieve demand for the sport, which has grown in popularity over the past three years.

By offering high-quality, dedicated gymnastic classes to schools more children will be able to engage with the sport.

Through Rise Gymnastics, children learn at their own pace, building key foundation skills for life and achieving rewards through medals and certificates. Parents can follow all of their progress in real time on the Home Portal in Rise Hub.

The programme has been developed by British Gymnastics along with insight from the gymnastics community, including primary teachers. Premier Education, the UK’s leading provider of sport and physical activity sessions to primary schools, will be using their British Gymnastics trained activity coaches to deliver the programme.

David Batch, chief executive at Premier Education, comments: “This is a huge opportunity to improve engagement and provide specialist coaching to children across the UK, many of whom may not ordinarily have access to gymnastics within school time.
“Rise Gymnastics will encourage children to develop physically, socially and emotionally,
whilst giving them an opportunity to keep active and learn new skills.

Gemma Barton, Head of Participation at British Gymnastics comments: “We are extremely passionate about this innovative new approach and cannot wait to see Rise Gymnastics enjoyed widely by children across the UK. It is our ambition that Rise Gymnastics will give every gymnast the opportunity to shine, and our partnership with Premier Education is key in delivering positive experiences to as many children as possible.”

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Rise Gymnastics has three phases:

Phase one, ‘Discover’ is aimed at preschool children, and delivers gymnastics through imaginative play. Themed sessions include jungle antics, dinosaurs and ‘people that help us’, and develop key life skills and physical movement at an early age. The activities within Rise Gymnastics Discover have been carefully created to mirror the approach of learning within an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) environment. Children can earn rewards as they progress through the exciting themed activities.

‘Explore’ is the second phase which gives children a platform to develop their skills, regardless of ability of experience. A flexible award scheme gives children the opportunity to progress and achieve. This phase will help children determine their level of passion for the sport.

‘Excel’ is the third and final phase which is aimed at advanced and ambitious recreational gymnasts. These more structured sessions lead to festivals, competitions and discipline-specific pathways. Skills are nurtured naturally rather than through a focus on awards, enabling gymnasts to achieve at their own pace.

Rise Gymnastics is available to UK primary schools hoping to improve their sporting offering and gymnastics provision within their setting.

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