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Tailor-made curricular solutions

There’s a reason why 2,500 schools have made the most of our bespoke PE & Personal Development solutions.

Primary school teachers are dedicated to giving their pupils the best possible learning experiences. We understand that there are only so many hours in a day and only so many pounds in a budget, which means there isn’t always access to extra, specialist PE, Performing Arts or Personal Development training for teachers. That’s where we come in.

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What is the aim of curricular PESSPA sessions?

Through, and in PESSPA, we aim to support the specific curriculum intent of our partner schools, also synchronising with the National Curriculum purpose and aims for PE. Therefore, key to the overarching curriculum design will be a range of opportunities to support children’s development in being creative, confident, and caring. This aligns with a high-quality, inspiring PE curriculum that builds character and an understanding of fairness and respect.

Adapting to school situations and environments.

In addition to the focus on high-quality support from a delivery perspective, we have had to be flexible and agile in adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have, through an internal partner, made it mandatory for all our Activity Professionals to complete a Level 2 Ofqual registered qualification in Infection Prevention, Mitigation and Management. The qualification is sector leading and comprehensive in its content to support working in schools.

What do schools receive with Premier Education’s PESSPA support?

** Covid-19 adaptions: Lesson planning and schemes of work that are completely aligned to all national guidance regarding safe practice in schools and for the delivery of indoor and outdoor activities.

** Risk assessments appropriate for Covid-19 regulations and safe practice.

Knowledge organisers for the areas being delivered and supported

Year group learning journey document showing all key areas of learning

Co-curricular links within each scheme of work

Thematically planned schemes of work to align with whole school topics and support any whole school areas of focus (SIDP)

Fully sequenced curriculum offer covering knowledge, skills, understanding, application, opportunities and experiences

A curriculum fully aligned to the PE national curriculum

A curriculum that aligns to the Education Inspection Framework (EIF)

A PESSPA curriculum offer that builds on the wider EIF context:

Character education

Mental health and wellbeing

Personal development

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School enquiry:

If you’re a parent, making an enquiry about activities for your child, please enquire here.