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Fewer than 1 in 5 children are getting the recommended amount of physical activity. Each year, the next generation is more and more likely to become unhealthy and physically unmotivated. But we’re doing everything we can to change this.

To counter this very real problem, we’ve partnered with over 2,500 schools to deliver physical activity classes that stimulate, engage, and inspire pupils. We deliver both physical activity and wellbeing sessions though PE lessons, wraparound care, and Holiday Camps – each with the aim of improving children’s health and wellbeing.


How can we help your school?

We are on a mission to make children happy and healthy.

As a trusted partner, we provide tailored programmes to your pupils. With a head-on approach to physical literacy, mental health, and overall wellbeing, each session works to engage pupils and inspire a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Our programmes and activities are bespoke to your school and the needs of your pupils. We’ll take care of the planning, delivery and progress reporting – freeing up your resources, and providing high-energy active learning sessions that your pupils will love.

Take control of PE with Pepé

Meet Pepé, Premier Education’s new online platform and your new PE partner. Pepé provides control over planning and measuring PE, sports and activity at school, freeing teachers’ time to focus on inspiring learning experiences.

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Work with us to establish Wraparound Care at your school

By offering on-site breakfast and after-school clubs, your school can support busy working parents while extending social and learning opportunities for your pupils.

For us, it’s all about inspiring activity in young children, while reducing admin for school staff. You’ll receive a bespoke framework that’s aligned with the ethos and values of your school, making sessions familiar and authentic.

And that’s just the beginning…


Raising the bar since 1999

All children are different. Equipped with varying skillsets, interests, and abilities, children respond best when challenged by a wide range of activities. A positive experience of physical activity at a young age can encourage a lifetime of participation. And we’ve been delivering positive experiences for over 23 years.

Our specialist coaches are passionate about getting children active – not just for the duration of their PE lesson, but in order to inspire a life-long love of movement.

Here's what headteacher, James, has to say about Premier Education

Dr James Biddulph


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