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The pandemic threatens to render the next generation physically unmotivated, with fewer than 1 in 5 children getting 60 minutes of physical activity each day, as recommended by England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Witty.

We provide a solution to this very real problem, partnering with over 2,500 schools to deliver stimulating and engaging physical activity classes and wellbeing sessions, through PE lessons, wrap-around care or holiday camps, aimed at improving children’s health and wellbeing.

How can we help your school?

We are on a mission to make children happy and healthy.

As a trusted partner we provide stimulating and exciting physical activity programmes tailored to your school. It’s a head-on way to approach mental health and promote wellbeing, reducing unhappiness and feelings of anxiety.

Our programmes and activities are bespoke to your school and the needs of your pupils. Let us take care of the planning, delivery and progress reporting, which will free-up your resources and provide high-energy active learning sessions your pupils will love.

Get 50% off extracurricular clubs!

Transform your extra-curricular programme at half price for 6 weeks with our limited offer. Our activity professionals are trained to deliver more than 30 sports – it’s easier than ever to introduce your pupils to new sports!

Raising the bar for specialist activity coaching since 1999

All children are different. Equipped with varying skillsets, interests and abilities, children respond best when challenged by a wide range of activities. A positive experience of physical activity at a young age can encourage a lifetime of participation. Plus, children will learn new things, build skills and boost their confidence.

Our specialist coaches are passionate about getting children active, not just for the duration of their PE lesson but in order to inspire a positive, life-long love of movement.


Thanks to our strong reputation, we are partnered with National Governing Bodies of Sport.


Our curriculum-based offering is tailored to the aspirations of each partner school.


Our trademark passion and energy, with before-school, after-school and lunchtime sessions.


Education is an ever-shifting sector. Stay on top of current affairs affecting the industry.

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