Premier Education

What Premier Education means to us

Our journey has been shaped by our core values, which have guided us for many years. These values have been instrumental in building Premier Education into what it is today. However, as we’ve grown, we’ve evolved organically, and perhaps outgrown our trusty core values.

The Culture Code is a natural reflection of this evolution within our organisation. It’s the result of deep introspection, feedback from team members across the company, and our vision for the future.

These Five Pillars of the Culture Code embody everything that Premier Education is, and what we want to achieve.

Educating and empowering

Sharing and developing expertise and knowledge to create opportunity, bring joy, and inspire growth.


Working together, being accountable

A collaborative culture where diverse perspectives are valued, individuals take ownership and are responsible for the outcomes.


Changing lives, creating futures

Connecting with our communities and impacting those we serve, we nurture the passion and self-belief in every individual.


Purpose driven, forward thinking

Delivering success through a clear intent, an innovative approach and effective implementation.


Trusted and caring

Fostering respectful relationships with mutual understanding, consideration and empathy.

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