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5 After School Activities for Kids to get Active in the Afternoon

School might finish mid-afternoon, but the day doesn’t! The hours after school ends are the perfect time to squeeze in some additional activities to get kids moving.

A study by the University of Bristol found that only a third of kids were meeting the recommended levels of daily physical activity – 60 minutes – at the end of 2021. Trends towards sedentary living in children are concerning, but it’s easy to encourage your child to change course and get active.

Swap the phones and tv for these fun after-school activities and get your child exercising and having fun!

Why should kids get active in the afternoon?

Physical activity is the key to unlocking an ever-growing list of health benefits. Improved fitness and regular exercise reduce the risk of obesity, releases hormones that positively impact neurological health, develop social skills, and more.

Keeping active also gives children the chance to participate in group activities that encourage teamwork and communication, boosts confidence and often teaches important life skills like discipline and patience.

Improves academic performance

You may be aware of the physical health benefits, but did you know that regular exercise can also improve academic performance? Children that are physically active perform better at school than those who aren’t.

Physical activity positively impacts:

  • Memory and focus
  • Reasoning skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Many kids benefit from the improvements to their mental health, but it’s particularly impactful for children that have ADHD or depression.

With little time in the day for both children and parents to exercise, the window between school and dinner is a great time to get kids active. Homework can wait for an hour!

5 After School Activities for Kids to get Active in the Afternoon 1

5 after-school activities for kids

1. Indoor games

We all know it’s easier to get the kids active outdoors, as space is limited in a house or flat, but you might be surprised by the options still available to you inside the home.

Bad weather and cold winters can make it difficult to participate in any after-school activities outside. We’ve put together a handful of fun indoor activity ideas that you can easily play with the kids at home.

There are several ideas that can get children on their feet and away from screens, including:

  • A scavenger hunt – create an ‘escape room’ element to help improve their puzzle-solving ability.
  • Kitchen disco – dance in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or anywhere you can boogie to music!
  • Hide-and-seek – every kid knows how to play hide-and-seek! It’s the perfect indoor game for all ages and doesn’t require a great deal of space.
  • Balloon world cup – the ultimate challenge; keep the balloon off the floor (and try not to break anything in the process!)
  • Twister – improve your child’s maths skills and give this classic game a twist by numbering the spots and asking equations (e.g. left hand on 12 – 7).

2. Gardening

After-school activities and exercise don’t have to mean games and sports. Gardening is a surprisingly physically demanding activity that gets the children moving and engaged.

It’s a great activity to get kids outside and learning – they can discover more about plants and insects while you work together outside. Participating in something like gardening at a young age helps to get children interested in nature and appreciate its importance.

If you don’t have a garden or allotment to work on – or it’s winter and not so appealing – you can still get kids out and experiencing the natural world. Make a game out of a walk by challenging your child to spot birds, plants and fungi and totting up the total once you get home.

3. Join a Premier Education sports club

With hectic schedules and short days, it can be difficult as parents to find the time to help their child get their 60 minutes of exercise.

Premier Education can take the responsibility out of your hands with our after-school clubs. Your child would be guaranteed to get the physical activity they need, all with an expert coach that tailors sessions to aid in their development, socially, physically and mentally.

Our varied after-school sessions give students the chance to try a multitude of sports, make new friends and stay active. From archery to athletics, Premier Education sports clubs offer the chance to try a wide range of after-school activities in a safe environment. It’s a great way to ensure your child gets the necessary exercise while having fun and developing essential skills.

4. A trip to the local park

Why mess with a classic? When the weather permits, the local park has been the hub of after-school activities for generations.

A nice open green space is hard to replicate at home, so taking the kids down to the park gives them the chance to run around and play games without risking breaking anything!

There’s a community aspect to the local park that gives kids the chance to join in with others, helping them develop those all-important social skills. Whether it’s a game of football or tag, a chance to run around the park is an invaluable source of exercise after school.

5. Learning a new skill

Learning doesn’t have to be confined to classes in school. After-school activities give kids the chance to explore new things and figure out what they enjoy doing.

There are endless possibilities for children to develop new skills outside of the classroom. Your child can get active, have fun and learn a new skill all at once. You can use the time after school to help your child discover a passion for music, dance, or swimming – let your child pick what interests them and you’ll soon find out whether it’s something they’d like to continue!

If you want to get the creative juices flowing, consider an introduction to a variety of clubs and activities. It could be ballet, a musical instrument, or drama – there are so many opportunities out there for children to try. They’re sure to find something they enjoy, and learn a new skill along the way!

5 After School Activities for Kids to get Active in the Afternoon 2

Keeping active after school

Exercise is vital for children (and adults!) of all ages, whatever form it comes in. Classes and homework shouldn’t be the only focus for kids – school is important, but the after-school activities that keep children healthy are equally essential.

An hour a day of physical activity can make a huge difference to your child’s quality of life. It’s not always easy to find the time to try new after-school activities with your child, but Premier Education offers an option that works for any schedule.

Book your child into an after-school club to keep your child active after school!