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Premier Education behind nationwide rollout of PE measurement tool

A programme designed to improve children’s physical literacy and activity levels has been launched nationwide by Premier Education to support primary schools in measuring the impact of their PE delivery.

Wow Active tracks pupil progress through a series of fun and inclusive challenges and supports every child to achieve their personal best.

Using Wow Active, teachers are able to access Ofsted-compatible data which helps to support and motivate each child throughout the year.

Teachers can also track and monitor individual pupils, compare class average scores against national averages and identify those requiring interventional support.

A range of additional data can be accessed, including how genders, year groups, key stages, SEN and EAL groups are performing. All this data contributes to measuring the impact of any related PE and Sport Premium spend.

Premier Education behind nationwide rollout of PE measurement tool 1

After demonstrating initial success in the Midlands, we’ve acquired Wow Active to expand its reach and replicate its success nationwide.

Michael Brennan, owner of Wow Active, comments: “Physical activity is a huge influencing factor in pupil health and wellbeing, yet without data or insight, schools are in the dark about the efficacy of PE delivery and tangible pupil progress.

“Wow Active will not only offer clarity to schools wanting to demonstrate the impact of PE delivery and outcomes, but it will present pupil progress in the context of national averages and help schools to maximise their Sport Premium funding.”

Schools using Wow Active identified on average a 24 per cent increase in performance. This included an increase in children participating in fitness and children being more accountable of their health and fitness.

David Batch, chief executive of Premier Education, comments: “Wow Active will not only contribute to school fitness, health and academic outcomes, but it will support schools to better understand and analyse pupil engagement. If pupils learn to enjoy and participate fully in PE lessons, they learn form a young age the positive benefits of living a physically active life.”

As well as a tool for schools, Wow Active gives parents the capability to access their child’s results and download challenge cards for use at home.

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