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Dodgeball is one of the most popular courses we offer and is guaranteed to be great fun for every player!

Dodgeball is exciting, fast paced and easy to learn, with loads of great variations to enjoy. Our coaches are trained to adapt the sessions based on those attending to make sure it’s fun, engaging and safe for everyone.

Premier Education’s dodgeball sessions feature a wide variety of themes and games to explore the sport. Each child will need to throw, catch, dodge and jump their way through a range of mini-games and drills.

One of the reasons we love dodgeball so much is that it’s a truly team-based game. Any coach will be able to tell you that co-operation is just as important as co-ordination for this high-speed game – meaning it’s the perfect way to make new friends.

dodgeball green team throwing

Partners with British Dodgeball

We are incredibly proud to be the Official Schools Delivery Partner of British Dodgeball. British Dodgeball are the National Governing Body for dodgeball in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Through our partnership with British Dodgeball, we look forward to delivering this exciting sport in a controlled and educational way. Our sessions are created to provide huge enjoyment and great learning outcomes for children of all abilities.

Contact us to find out how your school can get involved in the British Dodgeball Schools Championship which launches in March 2020.

dodgeball yellow ball
dodgeball three boys
dodgeball girl throwing ball