Premier Education


We love hockey for it’s fast gameplay and exciting teamwork.

At Premier Education, we create sessions from a wide variety of hockey-themed games and activities to make sure every child is moving and engaged. Hockey can be enjoyed by children of any gender and age, and we want to make sure that it’s a sport they stick at!

If your child discovers that they love hockey (and we are confident they will) then be sure to ask us about our connections to local clubs. We will be able to help them continue to play this sport outside of school, using all the skills and techniques we’ve developed with them, to help encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Partners with England Hockey

We are very proud to be a partner of England Hockey
That means we’re able to train both our own coaches and others to England Hockey’s standards. We’re so excited about this partnership as it means all our coaches receive first class training – that’s why our hockey sessions are so much fun.

hockey push back


Our partnership gives us access to England Hockey’s own great version of the sport, which they call Quicksticks. Quicksticks is a fast, safe and fun take on hockey and is created specifically for primary school children. The rules are also simpler and the teams are smaller, which means less time standing around and more time playing. We also use a lighter, softer ball which means that the game moves faster whilst also being much safer.