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Tag Rugby

Whether or not your child has tried the sport before, we are sure that they will love Premier Education’s tag rugby sessions.

The aim of the game is to get the ball to the other end of the pitch whilst dodging the opposing players. Rather than pulling you to the floor, however, the opponent simply needs to grab your Velcro tag to get the ball off you.

Tag rugby has all the speed, excitement and skill of traditional rugby, but with simpler and safer rules. It is fast-paced and every member of the team plays an important role, no matter how much practice they have had.

tag rugby catch me

Everybody is invited

Our experienced coaches teach the rules in a simple and accessible way, taking into account the abilities of the children who are taking part. At Premier Education we want everybody to be able to join in and improve at their own pace, so our coaches are trained to adjust the level to let every child have a go.

tag rugby play
tag rugby team