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Gymnastics for Kids

As one of the most popular sports across the planet, it’s no wonder that boys and girls love to take part in gymnastics. Our classes are designed specially to ensure kids have fun, learn the fundamentals of movement, and leave with a smile on their faces.

What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport in which participants make use of their balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility to perform particular movements.

It has been around both professionally and recreationally for a long time (the Ancient Greeks used it as practice for getting on and off of their horses) and has developed into a staple sport for P.E classes. In focus, it gives young gymnasts the opportunity to explore new motions.

While gymnastics is a fun, exciting activity for kids to participate in, it is also important to maintain proper safety measures. This will include things like laying out appropriate mats to provide a soft surface, and performing a good warm-up and stretching before beginning a class.

gymnastics children balancing

Gymnastics classes for your child

We have lots of ways for your child to enjoy a fun-filled class – find out which of our services works best for you:

Kids gymnastics classes – After-School

After-school clubs are a fantastic way for your child to experience gym – whether they are a regular gymnast, or if it’s their first time!

Our gymnastics classes are available in venues across the country – find out if your child’s school has a course running:

Holiday Camps for kids

What better way to spend the holidays than taking part in fun, energetic activity sessions?

Our Holiday Camps offer children the chance to stay active while schools are closed. This not only helps kids socialise with friends but also makes life easier for working parents and families.

Find a Holiday Camp in your location today…

Benefits to child development

As a ‘foundation sport’, gymnastics uses strength, balance, coordination, and teaches children to develop the fundamental movement skills they need to lead a physically active lifestyle, as well as a healthy range of social and academic skills.

Children participating in gymnastics classes and clubs begin to grow their core skills from the very first session. With training and support from a qualified coach, children can quickly work on developing their gymnastics ability from an early age – making progress from the basics (such as a forward roll or bridge movement) to a range of higher-level skills.

Physical Skills

As with most physical activity, gymnastics can introduce and build a range of physical skills and abilities that kids can take with them into other activities and classes.

Two key attributes that all gymnasts develop are balance and flexibility – skills that are used in almost every gymnastics movement, whether it’s a forward roll or a handstand.

Young gymnasts also have a fantastic opportunity to improve their strength and co-ordination. Having and developing these skills are fundamental to all physical activity, and set a strong foundation for your child’s active lifestyle.

Social Skills

When it comes to social development, Gymnastics can help children aged 5 to 12 with a wide variety of skills. Throughout each class, kids have the chance to learn and grow characteristics that are used in every activity, and are incredibly important to all other aspects of their life – from home life, to school lessons and academic development.

Gymnastics offers children a fantastic opportunity to develop both independence and confidence in a comfortable, friendly environment. Young gymnasts that build these attributes early on are often able to take on more advanced skills sooner, and build perseverance.

A Premier Education gymnastics club is also a great place for your child to socialise with other children of a similar age, and make lots of new friends.


As with many physical activities, gymnastics is great for children’s academic progress.

Primary school aged gymnasts are proven to have an improved attention span in class and curricular lessons. As well as more academic achievement, an improved attention span also provides a confidence boost to children.

Children aged 5-12 that take part in gymnastics classes are able to get active regularly – helping them to focus on their teacher more, and feel happier in school classes.

Teaching gymnastics in schools

At Premier Education, we’re on a mission to give every child the chance to try gymnastics in their very own school. Many schools across the country simply don’t have the expertise and training to offer both basic and advanced gymnastics sessions safely – which is where we come in. We can offer a level of expertise and specialist coaching that many schools may not be able to provide.

We’ve partnered up with British Gymnastics to become their only nationwide primary school delivery partner. This gives our Activity Professionals access to top-quality coaching resources and training, meaning that they can deliver a wide range of fun gymnastics classes to primary age children – creating strong foundations for progress and helping children learn advanced movements.

Our courses and clubs are designed to work perfectly in any sports hall location – our highly trained coaches don’t even need any fancy equipment to deliver fun, active and safe sessions.

Each Premier Education activity professional aims to create an encouraging atmosphere in each session, providing guidance and support to aspiring gymnasts of all ages.

What do parents say about our courses?

Here’s what some parents have to say about our gymnastics courses:

“My daughter really enjoyed the gymnastics holiday camp. She went for 2 days and had a great time! It was well organised and the coaches were fantastic, I’m definitely hoping it will be repeated in the summer holidays too!”

Vik, parent


“My son does gymnastics before school and absolutely loves it! He’s happy and comfortable with the teachers and never says anything negative! Have signed him up every term!”

Toni, parent


“Erin loved her gymnastics lessons and always left with a smile on her face. She learnt a lot and never had anything bad to say. The instructor was friendly and I was happy to leave Erin in their care.”

Rebecca, parent


“My son attended the after school gymnastics course and absolutely loved it so much so that he is going next term as well. The course is great value for money. I would definitely recommend it to anyone”

Jo, parent