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Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen, Merida, Hawkeye. Everybody has their favourite bow-and-arrow-wielding character.

Premier Education archery sessions let children follow in their hero’s footsteps by getting them hands on with this well-known but under-practised sport.

For kids, Archery is an incredible way to develop accuracy, concentration and patience. There are very few sports which require such a level of precision. Premier Education’s expert coaches are trained to make sure that every child improves, no matter what level they start at. Archery also teaches some fantastic transferable skills, which can help everybody excel in a wide range of sports.

archery shooting orange arrow

Capturing imaginations

Our coaches bring themes and stories to each session to really spark every child’s imagination. We’ve found that archery can be fun and engaging for everybody who tries it, but it’s most popular for those who aren’t so keen on team sports.

One of the most exciting parts of archery is the fun equipment each child gets to use. Our bows are created so that any child can launch an arrow and, of course, each arrow is tipped with a sucker so that it sticks to that bullseye. We have 2 different types of target boards which can be used for different types of games and help track progress.

It’s possible to get really creative with archery, and our coaches are always coming up with new ways to make the sessions even more exciting and engaging, from moving targets to special challenges. We think that all of this makes archery an unmissable experience for every child.

archery outdoors
archery bow close up
archery girl shooting arrow