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Tri-Golf for kids

What is Tri-golf?

Tri-golf is a fun official alternative version of golf, designed specifically for primary school children.

As a more energetic version of golf, tri-golf enables children to take their first golf shots safely under adult supervision, and build a good golf foundation. Played with light plastic clubs and rubber balls, this sport is perfectly suited as a high-energy game for primary schools.

The aim of the game is to hit shots at bright, colourful targets that can be attached to the floor or wall. This allows for lots of variation and for your children to play a range of fun tri golf games.

Tri-golf clubs for your child

Tri-golf clubs for kids – after-school

Our after-school clubs are the perfect place for your child to experience a bunch of fun activities.

With a range of tri-golf courses running across the country, you can use our handy search to tool to see if we have a session available in your child’s school:

Tri-golf clubs for kids – Holiday Camps

Fun, energetic Holiday Camp sessions are the perfect for your child to spend their school holidays.

Our multi-activity Holiday Camps are a great place for your child to get involved with some tri-golf while schools are closed.

Find a Holiday Camp near you today.

Skills children develop from tri-golf

Children benefit in many ways when taking part in tri-golf sessions. Unlike traditional team sports, tri-golf offers the opportunity for kids to learn both effective team interaction, as well as independence.

Tri-golf encourages the development of a range of physical skills, such as improved fitness, accuracy, coordination, focus, and other gross motor skills.

Children involved in fun tri-golf games are also able to develop and enhance important life skills early on. This includes social skills, such as co-operation and respect, which are valuable characteristics that will benefit their curriculum learning, and their future.

When children take part in tri-golf sessions, it offers a fantastic opportunity to grow their confidence (like when they play traditional team games). This confidence creates a solid foundation for which children can further develop skills.

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How Premier Education delivers tri-golf in a way that others can’t

Throughout all of our courses, we place the focus on fun, rather than competition – creating a safe, encouraging environment.

Our tri-golf coaching helps children build a strong golf foundation under adult supervision. Each session actively promotes co-operation as well as independence – this helps to encourage good sportsmanship in every child.

What do parents say about our courses?

Here’s what other parents have to say about our after-school clubs and Holiday Camps:

“My son has really enjoyed the first half term of tri golf and has signed up for the next session he is always eager to go”

Kate, parent


Here is what Anil’s child had to say about their tri-golf experience:

“I enjoyed every bit of the Tri-golf club. It was full of fun and team work. and the Coach was awesome.”


Use the course finder below to find your child’s next tri-golf course: