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Basketball is the UK’s fastest growing sport, and one of the best-known sports in the world.

It appeals to a wide range of players thanks to its simple rules and its versatile nature. With Premier Education, every game of basketball can be changed to suit the number of players and their abilities. Our coaches make sure that every play style can contribute to a team’s success.

With such an emphasis on team matches, basketball is the perfect sport for developing spatial awareness and communication. Basketball improves throwing, catching, running and jumping – all fundamental skills which can be applied through a range of sports.

basketball bouncing ball

How we deliver basketball

For younger children, Premier Education uses stories and themes to teach the basics of basketball without getting too caught up in the technical side. Our coaches help them begin to practice and understand ball manipulation, whilst working on their balance, agility and coordination. Plus, every child will have the opportunity to score a basket!

For older primary school children, our coaches will teach the principles of attack and defence, which are applicable to a wide range of sports. They will also build on whatever level of skill each child has when they turn up and turn them into great basketball-specific techniques. Through a range of games, challenges and matches, each child will get to experience the many aspects of this fantastic team sport.

basketball girl holding ball
basketball boy ball
basketball boy focus