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You may not know about Tchoukball, but do not let that put you off; this is one of the best sports you’ve never heard of.

This brand new sport takes elements of handball and netball and wraps them up in a unique mix of throwing, catching and teamwork.

Tchoukball is carefully designed to include players of all ages, sizes and abilities, which is one of the many reasons we are such big fans of it at Premier Education. The rules are simple and take minutes to learn, but do not let that fool you – every time you play you will learn something new, because this simple game takes years to master.

If your child is a little more cautious about playing sports then do not worry, this is specifically created to be one of the safest sports around. It is non-contact and there’s no tackling – it is about planning ahead, working as a team and practicing your accuracy. Sign-up today to give tchoukball a try.