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Football for kids

Football is a sport that is widely adored by millions across the world, and it’s no surprise that many kids leap at the opportunity to get involved.

What is football?

Football is a team game that involves kicking a ball to score a goal. The objective of the game is to score goals for your team while stopping the opposing team from scoring goals.

While most often played on a pitch with goalposts at either end, football is such a versatile sport that you can play it in almost any location – all you need is an open space, and a ball! With these, your child will be able to play a range of fun, skill building mini games. Most players on the pitch will play with their feet, though the goalkeeper is allowed to use their hands (but only in the keeper’s box!)

This sport is suitable for people of all abilities to play. Our clubs are designed for little ones of every age – giving boys and girls a place to experience exciting, active fun.

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Football clubs for your child

Football clubs for kids – After-School

All our after-school clubs are designed to be fun, no matter your child’s age.

Each week, parents can treat their children to an action-packed football session that will help them develop skills through both in-game play and coaching.

After-school sports clubs give children the opportunity to have fun and burn energy after a day of classes.

Find football clubs in your location.

Football clubs for kids – Holiday Camps

An exciting sports club is a fantastic way for children to spend the school holidays.

We run a range of football-specific Holiday Camps across the country, giving your child the chance to take part wherever they are!

Find football Holiday Camps in your location.

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Core skills kids develop from football

Football is a great sport for kids of any age. It helps children to develop a variety of core skills that will be useful throughout all aspects of their life – from other sports, school classes, and their future.

Physical Skills

The most obvious advantage that kids will benefit from when playing football is the physical aspect. Football is a fantastic way for your child to improve their physical literacy skills.

Football includes many of the fundamental movements that are vital to children’s development. This includes running, jumping, kicking, and throwing. These movements are key to gaining a complete set of physical skills.

Social Skills

Football offers plenty of opportunities for your child to interact with other kids interested in the sport, which is helpful when it comes to the development of social skills.

As a team sport, football offers many opportunities for your child to experience a range of more complex social situations.

Our coaches encourage communication amongst teammates – whether it be calling for the ball or discussing tactics. Introducing effective communication on the pitch has benefits off the pitch as well, with children learning how to ask for help, discuss ideas, and have more involved conversations with friends and others in their classes.

Football is brilliant at helping boys and girls to grow their confidence and respect both on and off the pitch – skills that are important in all aspects of life.


Studies have shown that children who take part in physical activity regularly perform better academically, and are able to stay more focused in classes.

Football presents kids with the opportunity to encounter creative cognitive challenges while playing. This helps them with the development of quick-thinking and problem-solving abilities, which benefits their academic learning.

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How Premier Education delivers football in a way others can’t

At Premier Education, we pride ourselves on running sessions that children will enjoy and learn from.

Our highly trained coaches can adapt their plans to work with whatever facilities are available at the venue. This adaptability and accessibility is something that we look to capture throughout our engaging and inclusive football sessions.

For the younger players, between age 5-7, we introduce and explore football through a range of fun themes and stories. These sessions focus on helping children build skills like balance, agility, and co-ordination – as well as learning to control the ball.

For older kids, our sessions are aimed at developing skills and techniques by creating specific in-game scenarios. Our coaches also help them to build transferable skills and knowledge that can be taken into any other sport they enjoy. We also press the importance of following, understanding, and respecting the rules.

As with all of our courses, the focus is on inclusion more than competition – we encourage all boys and girls to join in and have fun, no-matter their ability or previous experience.

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What do parents say about our courses?

Here are what some parents think about our football courses:

“My son counts down the days to the Thursday football club and comes home full of energy and enthusiasm when I pick him up. He says his trainer, Tom, is great and makes every session really fun! He has already asked for me to sign him up for next term and can’t wait to get back.”

Emily, parent

“My daughter has loved the after school football club. Easy to book & well organised too.”

Helen, parent

“Quick and easy to book, great price for a decent period of time for the session, the boys loved it, made new friends and can’t wait to come back!”

Lara, parent