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As the UK’s most popular racket sport, badminton combines hand-eye coordination, agility and stamina into a fun and fast-paced game.

Premier Education badminton sessions use a mix of creative minigames, fun matches and exciting competitions to make sure there’s never a dull moment!

Our coaches are trained to teach specific badminton techniques including serving, forehand and backhand. Our coaches will also give little tips and tricks based on the skills of each child, so whatever level they’re at, they’ll be able to improve.

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A game of versatility

One of the reasons that badminton appeals to a wide variety of people is its versatile gameplay. Delicate, accurate shots can be just as effective as fast, powerful ones, and our coaches are there to help each child find their own style. We believe that improving yourself is so much more important than beating your opponent.

Premier Education’s badminton courses look at both singles and doubles play, for even more variation. Singles matches require more focus and stamina and are a great opportunity to learn how to win and lose respectfully. A doubles match is great for building spatial awareness, coordination and strategy. Doubles matches also prioritise teamwork and communication, which makes them a great way to make new friends.