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Serving for a Grand Slam Summer

Claim free tennis coaching, equipment, and teacher training for your school, in association with the LTA.

If you’re a PE Co-ordinator, Class Teacher, or Senior School Leader looking to refresh PE lessons or extra-curricular clubs in your school, then we can help. We’ve partnered with the LTA to help give your primary school sport offering that Grand Slam feel. Together, we hope to give more children than ever before the chance to play tennis within their own school.

How will tennis sessions in your school benefit your pupils?

What will your school receive?

➕ £250 equipment voucher

➕ Free delivery by Premier Education coaches

➕ LTA Schools Youth Lesson Plans

➕ Comprehensive teacher training

➕ Range of resources to aid personal development of your pupils 

Terms & Conditions

£250 delivery voucher can only be redeemed at times outlined by the local Premier Education representative.

£250 equipment and online training is the responsibility of the LTA and not Premier education.

This offer only includes delivery from Premier Education staff and the £250 equipment voucher, not £250 LTA coach delivery

The offer is only available one time per school

Free delivery from Premier Education only available to school’s not currently using Premier Education services.

The offer expires on 29th July 2022 although delivery times can be agreed with your local Premier Education representative beyond this date.

Current client schools can benefit from all benefits of this offer other than the FREE delivery from Premier Education.

As a result of accepting this offer you agree to meet with the local Premier Education representative at a time convenient to you both to discuss school PESSPA provision and Premier Education’s wider offer.

There is no obligation to commit to paid work after redeeming this offer.

Times and sessions will be allocated on a first come first served basis

How do you claim this offer?

Simply fill in the form below, to claim this offer for your school.

Serve for a grand slam summer in your school

If you’re a parent, making an enquiry about activities for your child, please enquire here.