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Employment opportunities for your students

Do you have students that may be considering a career in the sport and PE sector? We’re available to speak to your students about their careers, how they can develop professionally, and what employers in the sector are looking for.

Premier Education employ over 1000 dance, sport and activity coaches as well as hundreds of play workers across the country – and we have lots of opportunities to guide your students through the transition from education to employment. With years of experience and numerous connections in the industry, we can even help your students to start their journey before they leave education – offering roles and work experience opportunities which are aligned to their studies.

How can Premier Education support your students?

What will your students receive?

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Terms and Conditions:

1. By registering you agree to being contacted by your local recruitment representative to arrange a discovery & planning call

2. Employment opportunities for students are based on skills knowledge and behaviours and not guaranteed for all

3. Work placement opportunities is subject to availability.

4. By working with Premier Education you agree to have recruitment opportunity assets on display within your setting

5. There is no expiration of this campaign

6. Times / dates of any practical workshops are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.