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Seize the opportunity with our Shared Ownership franchising programme

We understand that starting a franchise can be both exciting and challenging. Which is why we’ve developed the Shared Ownership programme – to help you get started with less investment, and less risk.

To get started, you’ll need to put down the initial deposit of £2000. This gives you access to an exclusive territory with at least 75 primary schools – giving you a place to grow your business effectively. The remaining investment can be provided later in the process, and we can help you to find ways to raise the funds. To help you succeed from the get-go, your business will also receive £10,000 of funded support from us. As part of our investment, you’ll benefit from a range of top-level training in planning, sales, recruitment – and much more.

You will need

a £2,000 deposit to get your business started

You will own

51% of your franchise business

We commit to

support you every step of the way

Our Shared Ownership programme is unique, as it allows you to ease into being a franchisee. You’ll start off with 51% ownership of the franchise, for which the total cost will be £14,995, but don’t worry, there are lots of funding options and we can help you find the right one.

You’ll retain the option to buy more shares and increase your ownership as your business grows. Doing it this way means that you can find your feet as a franchisee and take less upfront risk, and then acquire more of the business when you’re ready. Seize the opportunity to build something great today, for you and your community.

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Benefits of Shared Ownership:

This option is the most cost-effective route to becoming a Premier Education franchisee. But aside from that, it offers you so much more…

  • £10,000 of funded support from us
  • Major discounts on paid HQ support packages
  • Options to acquire remaining shares
  • 6 months with zero management fees
  • Proven business model to adopt
  • Step-by-step sales and product training

Why choose Shared Ownership?

The Shared Ownership programme was made for those looking to get started for less, and without taking on all the usual risks involved with starting a business. With this option, you’ll get all the support you need to grow into a flourishing business – sustainable, efficient, and profitable.

From equipping you with a clear roadmap to success, to helping you find and train staff, we’re here every step of the way. Once you’ve settled into your role as a franchise director, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase more shares of the business – meaning that you only take as much risk as you feel comfortable with.

Franchising with Premier Education is more than just a money-making business – it’s a community of like-minded individuals. A vehicle for making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children.

Get started today and secure your territory with a deposit of £2000.

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