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5 Spring crafts for kids

Easy Spring crafts for kids – Springtime crafty fun!

As Spring unfolds, it brings a burst of colours and opportunities for crafting magic. At Premier Education, we have curated some fun and easy Spring craft ideas that blend the joy of Easter.

So join us on the craft train with our top 5 crafty things to unleash your child’s imagination.

girl, kid, child creating some Spring crafts

Here is everything you will need for your craft projects:

Paper plates

Coloured pens or crayons

Pipe cleaners



Child-friendly scissors

Decorative items such as buttons, sequins, googly eyes

spring crafts for kids materials, coloured pencils and paint

Spring paper plate flowers

The perfect Spring activities for those rainy days, begin by providing each child with a paper plate. Let them love Spring and unleash their creativity by colouring the plate with vibrant Spring art.

Next, carefully help your kids by cutting the paper plate into flower petals. You can draw guide lines on the plate to make cutting easier.

Make your flower craft even more fun and let your kids choose from a selection of colourful stickers to adorn their fun Spring craft.

Take pipe cleaners and shape them into stems. Secure the stems to the center of the paper plate flower using glue.

Admire your fun Spring crafts with your kids that have blossomed!

Colourful Spring flower made from paper plates

Mess for less – tissue paper flower art

This quick and easy sprint craft can be enjoyed by all ages, begin by handing out craft sticks. These will be used as the stems for their vibrant tissue paper flowers. Get them to show off their craft ideas by decorating the sticks with coloured pens or crayons.

Provide sheets of coloured tissue paper. Carefully help your kids to cut out petals in different shapes and sizes.

Colourful craft tissue paper

Once the petals are done, guide your kids in arranging and layering them around the top of their sticks. Using glue, secure the petals to the flower craft sticks. Cut out small circles from paper to make the centre of the flowers.

For an extra touch of imagination, use buttons, sequins, or any other fun Spring items. Your kids can glue these onto the petals to add flair and make their flowers uniquely their own fun Spring crafts.

Pink, yellow and green Spring craft flower made from tissue paper

Paper plate butterfly

Get your kids excited with this, easy to make paper plate butterfly Spring craft. Start by providing your kids with a paper plate, which will become the butterfly’s wings.

Get your kids to get creative by decorating the plate wings with different materials like craft paint, markers, or a combination of both. This will allow them to experiment with colours and patterns.

Cut a piece of the paper plate to form a small rectangle. Attach this rectangle to the centre of the plate wings to create the butterfly’s body.

Paper plates

Bring this easy Spring craft butterfly to life by gluing googly eyes near the top of the body.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring crafting with this delightful paper plate butterfly activity – one of the best ideas for creative and fun Spring crafts for kids!

Craft butterflies hanging made from paper plates

Cherry blossom handprint tree

Gather a collection of colourful craft materials and paint.

Have your kids dip their hands in different paint shades to create handprint blossoms on a piece of paper, resembling a tree.

View some inspiration for your Spring crafts for kids here:

Spring cherry blossom tree painting

Toddler approved – egg carton Spring flowers

Create egg-citing egg cartons Spring flowers crafts with your little ones in this easy-peasy flower craft:

Start by cutting individual sections of an egg carton to form flower shapes.

Let your toddler paint each flower in Spring colours, then get your kids to decorate their new craft project with glitter, buttons or ribbons!

Finally, attach a green pipe cleaner stem to each flower. This lovely craft is a great project for toddlers and makes a delightful addition to your Spring crafts collection. Enjoy this fun and simple project with your little ones in the classroom or at home!

Craft egg cartons box with flowers

These fun craft ideas are perfect for celebrating the joy of Spring. Whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, these easy peasy flower crafts allow your kids to express their love for Spring. We hope to have provided some inspiration for getting crafty with your kids! Now is the perfect time to get practicing your Spring crafts in time to make your house decorative for Easter.

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