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Five reasons to coach

Coaching is one of the most rewarding careers in the world.
It gives you the opportunity to create a positive impact on the lives of children every single day. To celebrate this, we’ve put together a list of five ways that coaching with Premier Education can help children’s development.

1. Create memorable experiences

When children attend Premier Education sessions, they can be introduced to activities they have never tried before. That is because we offer a diverse range of dozens of sports, arts and personal development sessions.

By offering so many quality activities, we are able offer children their favourites, whilst introducing them to activities they have never heard of – let alone tried. There is no greater feeling than seeing a child’s eyes light up as they realise that this is the sport for them. It’s moments like this which will stay with them forever and help build their confidence…

2. Nurture confidence

A cornerstone of our ethos at Premier Education is that every child brings value to the session. It does not matter who is the fastest, who scores the most points or who is the most creative – every single child has something to bring to the table.

By celebrating individuality, we can ensure that every child feels they can contribute something to a session. Once they feel included, you’ll see how quickly their confidence builds. The confidence a coach can foster reaches further than the activity session itself, it’s a feeling that a child can take with them into anything they try in the future.

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3. Build a positive team and family spirit

Whether it’s football, cheerleading, dodgeball or acting – one of the most enjoyable parts for any child is being part of a team. That’s why every Premier Education coach knows how to promote teamwork and communication.

These values teach children how to win and lose gracefully. You’ll also teach them the importance of understanding the rules and respecting authority – invaluable skills in sports, class and at home.

When children are taught to respect the coach and their fellow players, they will quickly learn how to respect themselves. You’ll be able to see for yourself how powerful this is – it creates new friendships and strengthens existing ones.

4. A boost for the brain.

It’s amazing to see the positive affect that active learning has on children’s minds. When you look at the research, you’ll see that getting active has a number of benefits both academically and emotionally.

It’s been shown that regular exercise helps pupils boost their ability to learn at school. A large part of the improved attainment is down to the improved focus, attention span and energy levels that children experience when they get on the move regularly.

Another brainy benefit is the lift in mental health that’s seen in response to regular exercise. Getting active improves mental health in adults and children alike. To be able to give that opportunity to children really is an honour.

5. For the love of sports!

Finally, let’s not overlook the most immediate way you can change children’s lives: by opening the doors to a love of sports. With your expertise, children can learn brand-new skills, develop talents and improve their physical fitness levels.

We work with 250,000 children a year. Many of those continue through their whole lives with a passion for the activities their learn with us. Our impact is helping to make the UK a healthier, more active country.

Sometimes the children who attend a Premier Education session even grow up to become one of our coaches! Right now, we have over 1,300 fully trained coaches across the country, making it the largest of its kind. Enquire today to find your next step to improving children’s lives.

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