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Easy Mother’s Day Cards that Kids Can Make at Home

Creating a homemade Mother’s Day card this year is the perfect way to get creative with your little ones and show appreciation to all mums. Making a homemade Mother’s Day card this year will save you pennies and is an environmentally friendly alternative compared to store bought cards. Make this engaging DIY activity an enjoyable experience, making Mother’s Day even more memorable.

Whether you are a father, grandma or grandpa looking for some inspiration and to have a good laugh with your family creating a home-made card, Premier Education has you sorted with our fun craft ideas!


When is Mother’s Day 2024?

Mother’s Day is on the 10th March. Instead of purchasing a store bought card, why not let your imagination run wild this year and create your own Mother’s day card with a personal message. Here are 10 more thoughtful ideas for you to make Mother’s Day this year one to remember!

Breakfast in Bed: Make Mother’s Day a bit more special with a delicious treat in the morning. Consider her favourite breakfast foods and make breakfast together with the rest of your family. For example, a warm croissant with fresh strawberries or a cooked English breakfast.

Homemade Spa Day: Create a special spa experience for Mother’s Day at home. Run a relaxing bubble bath, provide a few scented candles to create the right ambience, and pamper her with homemade beauty treatments such as painting her nails!

Special Gift Ideas: Craft a personal gift that holds sentimental value, such as a photo album, scrapbook, or a custom piece of artwork made at home or in school.

Outdoor Picnic: Subject to weather, organise a surprise outdoor picnic with her favourite snacks and treats for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors.

Surprise Lunch or Dinner: Plan a surprise lunch or dinner at her favourite restaurant or save pennies and cook her favourite meal at home under adult supervision.

Enjoy Nature: Spend quality time outdoors by taking a nature walk or hike for a breath of fresh air, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings together.

Create a Memory Jar: Decorate a jar and fill it with handwritten notes of your favourite memories with your mother, affirmations, or reasons why you appreciate her.

Movie Night: Set up a cozy movie night at home with her favourite films, complete with popcorn and her favourite chocolates.

Create a Sweet Flower Arrangement: Fill a beautiful vase with her favourite flowers she’ll never forget!

Personalised Mothers Day Cards: Wish your Mum a Happy Mother’s Day with a crafted and personalised Mother’s Day card. Express your feelings and gratitude in a special message. Here are 6 ideas for DIY Mother’s Day Cards:

6 ideas for DIY Mother’s Day cards


Materials Needed:

Printable paper


Coloured paper

Craft knife (with adult supervision)


Felt-tip pens

Decorations (glitter, stickers, paint, ribbons, buttons).

Cupcake liners


Make Time: 5 – 30 minutes.

1. Watercolour floral Mother’s day cards

A Mother’s Day Card isn’t complete without some fun florals. Create a unique design for your Mother’s Day card with watercolours:

Begin by selecting quality watercolour paper and trace flowers using a gentle outline or simply print your chosen flowers using a pencil e.g. tulips, roses, lilies.

Once you are happy with the design, carefully apply watercolour paints, allowing the colours to blend and create a soft, vibrant effect.

Take your time to layer and build up the hues, adding intricate details with a fine brush. Let the card dry completely before adding a sentimental message inside.

The result will be a sweet, personalised expression of love that your mum is sure to cherish on Mother’s Day. She’ll never forget!


2. Handprint Mother’s Day cards

Begin by choosing a coloured cardstock or folded construction paper for the card.

Select a paint colour that complements the chosen paper, and have your child dip their hand in it, making a clear handprint on the front of the card.

Once the paint is dry, embellish the handprint with additional decorations like stickers, glitter, or drawn details to personalise the design.

Inside the card, note a sweet message or poem to express your love.

This handmade card, adorned with your child’s unique handprint, will undoubtedly make for a cherished Mother’s Day keepsake.


3. Pop-out Mother’s Day cards

Begin by selecting sturdy, bright paper for the base of the card.

Fold the paper in half to make the card shape. Cut two parallel slits on the folded side, making sure not to cut through the edges, creating a tab.

Push the tab inside, and the card will naturally pop out. You can note down all of your favourite things about your mother to pop out once opened.

Decorate the exterior of the card with vibrant markers, stickers, or personal drawings.

Inside the card, express your love with a heartfelt message or a special poem for your mother.

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4. “I love you because…” Mother’s Day cards

Crafting an “I Love You Because…” sentimental card for Mother’s Day is a heartwarming and meaningful activity.

Begin by choosing a sturdy piece of paper or cardstock for the base.

Fold it in half to make the card. On the front cover, put “I Love You Because…” and leave space for writing a heartfelt message.

Inside, express your love by listing specific reasons why your mother is special to you.

Use colourful markers, stickers, or drawings to enhance the card’s visual appeal, pop the card into an envelope ready to spread joy with your heartfelt card.

This personal touch adds a unique and sentimental element to your Mother’s Day greetings, making it a cherished keepsake for your mom to treasure.


5. Printable photo collage Mother’s Day cards:

Send lots of pixel perfect love this Mother’s Day! because every snapshot with you is a printable masterpiece.

Collect and print your most cherished photos with your mother.

Under adult supervision, use a craft knife to cut the photos into a fun heart, star or custom design shape.

Use a piece of colourful card, and use double sided tape to stick your photos onto the printable collage card.

Decorate the card with a ribbon, glitter or your favourite stickers to add a more decorative touch.

Write a sweet message inside of the card to pair with the photo collage and pop your printable photo card in an envelope ready for Mother’s Day!


6. Cupcake case flower cards

Start by getting some 5-inch by 7-inch blank cards with a neutral colour background.

Next you will need some regular and mini size cupcake liners of different colours.

Use a glue stick to glue the cupcake liners on top of each other to make the base of the flower on the blank card.

Attach and glue two to three buttons in the centre of the cupcake liners to create the look of a flower.

Use a green pen or crayon to draw the stem of the flower to complete the look

Write Happy Mother’s Day at the bottom of the card to complete your masterpiece!


6. Magical Mother’s Day unicorn handprint cards

The theme for this Mother’s Day card idea is unicorns.

Bonus points to anyone who can make the most colourful unicorn!

First, trace your hand onto a piece of coloured paper.

Cut the handprint out safely using a pair of scissors.

Cut out a strip of green paper that is the same width as the card, cut the paper to make it looks like strands of grass (scissor skills time!).

Glue on the handprint unicorn and grass using a glue stick and cut up some bright coloured post-it notes to create a colourful mane and tail, draw a face on your unicorn to bring it to life!


We trust that we’ve sparked some creativity to help you craft the perfect Mother’s Day card and ensure this special day becomes a cherished memory. Have a look at our Mother’s Day craft pack here. Explore additional creative tips, blogs, crafts, and industry insights in our Knowledge Hub at Premier Education for more inspiration.