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Premier Education launches wraparound childcare guide for schools

If, like many primary schools, you’re starting to consider establishing wraparound care at your school, you may be wondering where to start. That’s why we’ve developed The Ultimate Guide to Wraparound Childcare, a comprehensive but easy-to-digest e-book that covers all of the key considerations.

Compiled by experts in the wraparound care field, the Guide has been designed to be your first port of call when looking to set up this provision. As well as outlining the benefits wraparound care brings to pupils and schools, it provides guidance on the following areas:

  • Administration (including policies and procedures, Ofsted registration and communication with parents and carers)
  • Staffing
  • Planning
  • Ensuring inclusivity
  • Booking and payment
  • Resources and space
  • Food
  • Leadership and management
  • Quality assurance
  • Sample timetables for before and after school sessions

With wraparound care so high on the government’s agenda, we know that this facility is likely to be a priority for your school too. Our Guide has best practice at its heart, so as well as offering practical help and support, it doesn’t lose sight of ensuring positive outcomes for every child.

“We wanted this Guide to be the first thing schools reach for when setting up a wraparound care facility”, comments chief executive David Batch. “It can be a minefield knowing where to start, especially with the already-heavy administration burden on schools. This Guide breaks down the most important areas as well as providing crucial information on quality assurance.”

And, for any school who wants to outsource the provision to an external provider, as the fastest-growing provider in the UK, we ensure top-quality wraparound care without the stress.

For help and advice about setting up wraparound care, download the Guide today.