Premier Education

Premier Education says ‘OK’ to Greater Sun Safety

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Melanoma Fund, becoming Sun Protection Accredited to help protect children from the risk of the sun.  

Skin cancer is something usually associated with the older generation, but young skin is especially vulnerable to UV exposure, and sunburn in childhood can more than double a child’s risk of getting melanoma later in life. 

Through this partnership, we have committed to teaching good sun protection habits early on so that children can enjoy their time outdoors while being safe from the dangers of the sun.  

What this means for us is following the ‘Outdoor Kids (OK) Code of Practice’, which covers the following guidance:  

  • Prepare: ensure that everyone arrives ready for the day in the sun 
  • Protect: Use clothing, hats / sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF30+) reapplied at breaks 
  • Shade: Avoid direct sunlight during lunch or while spectating others 
  • Hydrate: Ensure water is always available 
  • Lead by example: Inspire children with your own actions. 

Laurence York, Head of Growth at Premier Education, comments: “Sun safety is so important, and with many of our activities – especially our summer holiday camps – being outdoors based, we feel it’s our responsibility to champion good practice.  

“We’ll be maximising our efforts to make sure children come to activities and camps prepared, and our activity professionals will be doubling down on protection, both for themselves to demonstrate good practices and for the children they’re in charge of. From making sunscreen readily available and advising on its proper application, to promoting clothing and shade as a first line of defence.” 

Melanoma may be the most deadly type of skin cancer and the hardest to detect, but the good news is that it is nearly 100 percent curable if caught early and is preventable through awareness and good sun safety practices. 

The Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code was launched in 2014, devised by the Melanoma Fund and is supported by over 100 National Governing Bodies of Sports and outdoor organisations. It’s about those who work with children outdoors understanding and using sun protection and being able to communicate key facts to children, parents and carers to prevent the rise of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.  

Sunburn is something most are familiar with, but through working with the Melanoma fund, we are able to support instructors, children and parents in updating their sun protection knowledge and keep all involved in outdoor activities safe, so they can focus less on the sun and more on having fun.