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Scare Away Processed Sugar with these Healthy Halloween Treats and Recipes

Get into the Halloween spirit by getting the kids into the kitchen! Halloween is famous for trick-or-treating and gorging on sweets, but it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy holiday.

Replace all the sweets and sugar with these cute and healthy Halloween recipes and treats.


9 Healthy Halloween snacks and recipes

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party and trying to avoid the sugary stuff, or looking for some fun treats to try with the kids, these healthy Halloween treats are the spooky solution to your problem.

1. Frightening fruit

There’s nothing more terrifying to kids than eating their 5-a-day! Create a spooky platter of fruit for some easy-to-make, healthy Halloween snacks.

Mini ‘Orange’ Pumpkins

At their most basic, you can turn oranges into tiny carved pumpkins by simply drawing a traditional scary pumpkin face on the skin. If you want to go the extra mile, you can slice off the top, scoop out the pulp, carve a face and then fill with fresh fruit.

For an alternative option that is also quick and simple, you can swap oranges for tangerines or satsumas. You only need to peel the skin and place a piece of cut celery as the ‘stalk’, and that’s it – you now have tiny pumpkin snacks, perfect for kids.

Banana ghosts

Cut a banana in half, add some dark chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth, and you now have a banana ghost. You can put them on lolly sticks, or simply place them standing on a plate.

You could change it up a bit by putting the banana ghosts in the freezer, making an easy and healthy frozen dessert.

Banana ghosts

Frankenstein kiwis

A little trickier than the banana ghosts, but a fun addition to a healthy Halloween party. To make a Frankenstein kiwi, you need to cut the base of the kiwi so it can stand on a plate.

Peel the skin half way up, and then carefully peel upwards to leave zig-zags of kiwi skin as hair. Use chocolate chips for eyes – preferably dark – and melted chocolate for a mouth.

Use chocolate biscuit sticks, (i.e. Pocky or Mikado) and break small bits off; gently push one on each side of the kiwi to act as ‘bolts’, bringing your kiwi Frankenstein to life!

Monster apples

These monstrous apples are a great Halloween treat; healthy, easy to make, and fun for the whole family. Cut an apple into quarters, and then slice the middle of each of these quarters out to create a ‘mouth’.

Once this stage is finished, the younger members of the family can get involved!

Coat the inside of the monster’s mouth with peanut butter, or, if you prefer, almond butter, and then stick sunflower seeds all along the edge to create teeth.

You can put half a strawberry in the middle to make a tongue, and finish off the monster with candy eyes, stuck in place with your chosen butter.

Lychee eyeballs

Swap the candy eyes for gooey lychees to make a vegan Halloween snack. This is a healthy Halloween treat that will satisfy a sweet tooth without the need for sugar.

These are straightforward to make, if a bit fiddly. Peel as many lychees as you need, remove the seeds and replace each seed with a blueberry. While that’s all you need to do to make lychee eyeballs, if you want to make them extra scary, add red food dye for a vein effect.

2. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is about as traditional as Halloween desserts can get. While not the most healthy Halloween treat, there are lighter versions which can still be enjoyed, as long as it’s eaten in moderation.

This recipe from ambitious kitchen offers an equally tasty but healthier version of pumpkin pie.

Most of the sugar is replaced by the naturally sweet maple syrup, while almond milk and pumpkin spice add plenty of flavour. If you need a vegan alternative, this pumpkin pie recipe uses coconut oil and milk rather than eggs.

3. Petrifying peanut butter cookies

Healthy Halloween treats are few and far between. But one of the healthier treats – and they should be considered more a treat than healthy – are peanut butter cookies. Peanut butter is healthy to eat in moderation, as though it is high overall in fat, it is low in saturated fat and rich in nutrients.

Minimalist baker has provided a gluten free cookie recipe for healthier, oat-based peanut butter cookies. These cookies are also vegan-friendly, as they use ingredients like dairy free chocolate chips and almond flour.

To add some Halloween fun to the recipe, you can get the kids to help transform the cookies into creepy-crawlies.

You and the kids can work together to decorate the cookies – save the mess and do this while they’re still lying on the baking sheet! Spiders are easy to make: use white chocolate chips for eyes and melted chocolate or caramel sauce for the body and legs (or use fruit like raisins instead if you want to be extra-healthy!)

These creepy cookies make the perfect Halloween snack: they’re fun for kids to make, and even more fun to eat!

4. Devil deviled eggs

Put the devil in deviled eggs by adding a Halloween twist to the classic buffet favourite. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals as well as being affordable, tasty and easy to cook.

Following the commonly known method detailed in our Easter recipe ideas, you can swap stage 6, where the egg is transformed into a yellow chick, into a cute Halloween version.

  1. Using red peppers, cut out several small triangles – as many as you need – to make horns, and then, from the same red pepper, carefully cut out the spiked tail shapes.
  2. Press the horns and tails into the egg paste, sprinkle some smoked paprika over the top and you now have your devilish deviled eggs!
Devil deviled eggs

5. Pumpkin roasted not-so-sweet potatoes

With all the talk of frightening fruit, it’s important not to forget the vicious veggies!

Sweet potato is one of the more kid-friendly veggies, and can easily be turned into a plate of healthy Halloween treats. You can ‘carve’ the sweet potato into pumpkin shapes using a cookie cutter, or, if you’re particularly skilled, a sharp knife!

You don’t have to stick to pumpkins either, and can try your hand at bats, ghosts (and whatever other cookie cutter shapes you can find!) Other Halloween snacks that use veggies include witches brooms, which you can find a recipe for here.

6. Carved pumpkin stuffed peppers

For a more savoury snack that works for a Halloween party of all-ages, stuffed peppers carved to look like a pumpkin are a fun choice.

Whether you have your own recipe for stuffed peppers, or are looking for a recipe that uses healthy ingredients, you can easily turn them into a fun Halloween snack. Once you slice the top off the pepper, remove the seeds and rinse it, you can carve out a classic Halloween pumpkin face using a sharp knife.

While the kids may not be able to help with the carving, they can certainly help with the stuffing, and these carved pumpkin peppers are a treat that will appeal to all the family.

7. Bat-shaped sandwiches

Perfect for Halloween parties, you can turn sandwiches into healthy Halloween treats with the help of a bat-shaped cutter.

It’s a cute way to turn an ordinary lunch or party food into a Halloween themed treat. It’s really simple, and ideal if you need to feed a big group on Halloween, as it saves on stress!

8. Ghoulish goulash

Using this goulash recipe, or any goulash recipe that works for you, you can twist this hearty, vegetable-filled meal into a Halloween classic.

To put the ghouls in goulash, you can make ghost dumplings, or phantom mash. For the dumplings, you can knead the dough into a basic ghost shape – and we’re not expecting supernatural skills here – then gently press lentils or sunflower seeds in to make the eyes and mouth.

For ghostly mash, you can pipe the mash so it swirls into the shape of a ghost, then add the lentils or seeds for the face. Your ghoulash is sure to go down a scream!

Ghoulish goulash

9. Mummy mini pizzas

Take a trip back to Ancient Egypt with these mummified mini pizzas. Use this healthy pizzas recipe from the BBC, and adapt the toppings to make a mummy!

Lay strips of a low-fat cheese in a criss-cross pattern across the pizzas, making sure to leave some of the base showing. You can then complete your mummies using slices of black olives for eyes.

Mummy mini pizzas

Share your own healthy Halloween recipes!

You’re now all set for a spooky Halloween of treats without the sweets! If you have any more healthy Halloween treats or recipes, share them with us on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok by tagging us into your posts and pictures.