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How Can We Encourage More Girls to Play Football?

In recent times, women in football have made huge strides forward. Not only was 2022 the first year a female football player featured on the cover of the popular FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, but the Lionesses gripped the nation as they won the EURO 2022 tournament. Now, in the lead-up to the Women’s FIFA World Cup, momentum is starting to build once again.


Considering this, it’s shocking that only 63% of girls have the opportunity to play football in PE lessons growing up. The Lionesses themselves had to play on boys teams in the absence of any girls teams.

Should Boys and Girls Play on the Same Sports Team in Primary School?

Whether we like it or not, girls’ experience of sport is different to boys’. Not only are different sports available for girls in primary school, but they are often led to believe that they are not as skilled at sports as boys are. Youth Sports Trust has found that, by the time they get to high school, more than a third of girls in England and Wales will stop playing sports regularly.


In order to encourage more girls to participate in football and other sports, we asked the question, should boys and girls play on the same sports teams in primary school? Or are girl-only sports teams the best option to create a safe environment for girls to get active?


In our report, we explore this question as well as why it’s so important to encourage a lifelong love of sports in girls. We talk about the impact of the Lionesses’ EURO tournament win, and include some practical ways that both schools and parents can encourage participation.

Download Our Report – Should We Encourage Girl-Only Sports Teams in Primary Schools?

Sport comes with a raft of physical and mental health benefits, and while there is a sharpened focus on improving sporting participation amongst children, there is a rising wave of dissatisfaction that boys’ and girls’ experiences of physical activity are not equal. 


This has called into question the relevance of girl-only sports teams and how effective they are. Especially since rising awareness of gender diversity has increased calls for a more flexible, gender-neutral approach to sports and PE.


So how important are girl-only sports teams? And do they have a place in today’s world?

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How Schools Can Offer Physical Education & After School Clubs for Girls

We understand that primary school teachers are pulled in all directions – and fostering an inclusive atmosphere in PE classes is just one of many important tasks to consider. 

However, here at Premier Education, it’s what we do best. Our coaches are trained in creating a safe environment for primary school students to engage in a range of activities and develop a lifelong love of sports.

Whether it’s in PE classes or after school extracurricular activities, we can offer an inclusive environment for girls to play sports.