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Join the GO Rounders revolution this summer…

and rejuvenate rounders in your school with a fresh, inclusive programme

Rounders has been played in primary schools up and down the country for decades. It’s a classic game which is naturally inclusive, quick to setup and easy to explain. Now, thanks to Go Rounders, all these teacher-friendly aspects are backed up with a modern twist, which adds much needed skill building structures to the traditional game.

As the exclusive delivery partner for GO Rounders, we are proud to offer a unique opportunity for primary school pupils to engage in a fun and exciting modified version of the classic sport of rounders.

How will GO Rounders benefit your school?

What will my school get?

➕ 50% discount off the first 6 weeks of delivery

➕ Enter into a national design your own bat competition

➕ Promotional assembly for your whole school

➕ Opportunity to gain further training for teachers

➕ Access to delivery resources for your school 

Rounders continues to be a hugely popular activity in and out of schools for both pupils and teachers. Our brand new resources, schools affiliation and introduction of our junior game ‘Go Rounders’ have been developed to encourage greater participation in our inclusive and fun sport. Working in partnership with Premier Education Group is a progressive opportunity enabling new after school provision to pupils in schools across the country, enabling more young people to develop a love of rounders.

Rhian Lilley
Director of Development, Rounders England

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  • Offer: 50% off the first 6 weeks of any NEW school delivery – this includes additional clubs for a currently active school.
  • Participation in this offer can only be redeemed at times outlined by the local Premier Education representative
  • To benefit from this offer, the school will commit to the continuation of the club for the remainder of the year (Subject to Premier Education meeting all necessary obligations), signing an SLA which clearly sets out the terms and conditions of delivery.
  • By registering for this offer you agree to be contacted by a member of the Premier Education team to discuss further
  • By registering, you agree to meet with your local Premier Education representative at a time convenient for both parties to discuss PE, School Sport and Physical Activity provision for your school.
  • This offer is available once per term per school
  • Schools may access this offer more than once but only to support additional ECC clubs or activities
  • Current partner schools can utilise all aspects of this offer for additional ECC clubs or activities only
  • The offer will remain open for the entire 22/23 academic year
  • Times and sessions will be allocated on a first come first served basis.