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A 6 weekly enrichment / extra curricular programme designed to help children to build competence and confidence within a specific sport, learning and practicing new techniques then applying strategies such as Attack vs Defence, culminating in game play & competitions internally to fully prepare for any inter school competitions. We know too well that it can be a daunting experience for children attending competitions against other schools with parents watching, so we want to ensure that they are confident and enjoy the experience rather than worry about it. We can also help to co-ordinate local club links and partner with several national sports associations to help increase participation levels and opportunities for children. There should be no better feeling or prouder moment for a child than representing their school at an inter school tournament or match.
Through and in PESSPA we aim to support our school’s specific curriculum intent, also synchronising with the National Curriculum purpose, and aims for PE. Therefore, key to the overarching curriculum design there will be a range of opportunities to support children’s development in being creative, confident, and caring. This aligns with a high quality, inspiring PE curriculum that builds character and an understanding of fairness and respect.
Yes, we have arranged high quality, bespoke insurance by working closely with partner insurance companies who provide their cover based upon our stringent internal compliance, training and operating standards. We provide a minimum level of £10m public and £10m employer liability cover.
We arrange all cover staff and all medium and short term planning is housed on a secure online portal which means we can handover effectively. In the unlikely event that we physically cannot cover the sickness / absence then we will work with school to arrange a replacement session and if that cannot be resolved then we will cover the costs of the sessions so that for the sake of budgets, the school knows exactly what they will spend and not have to worry about supply cover.
Using our bespoke ‘CARED’ model we assess the following areas of pupil progress: C – Competence. How competent is the child at each topic & skill. A – Active. How active is the child throughout the PE lesson R – Reflective. How much of what is taught does the child understand and able to discuss / explain when asked E – Engaged. How engaged is the child within the lesson D – Discipline. What is behaviour like in the lesion.   For most PE lessons the assessment is purely focused on the ‘Competence’ however we believe that if a child isn’t particularly competent in a specific topic or skill but they are active, fully engaged and can understand the meaning or purpose then they should be recognised. Not every person is physically competent at all skills so its important to also acknowledge strengths. Likewise, if a child is ‘competent’ but not necessarily engaged and therefore may have some ‘discipline’ issues then its important to discuss development areas and ensure we can support the child to become more engaged by delivering in a way that suits their learning style. It shouldn’t just be a ‘one size fits all’ model and our CARED acronym is a perfect tool for supporting all children make good progress. Schools are provided termly reports and formal, termly review meetings on pupil progress.