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Boost physical literacy with WOW Active

A simple way to measure and improve physical activity levels in your school

Our fully inclusive programme combines physical activity and technology to measure and improve children’s physical literacy and activity levels throughout the course of the academic year. 

With simple and effective resources, there is support for every child to achieve their personal best scores. The programme can be delivered in person by our specialist Activity Professionals, or schools can licence our reporting software with active sessions delivered by teachers.

How does your school currently

measure the impact of sport premium spend?

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Putting data in teachers’ hands

Using our online software, teachers can access Ofsted compatible data and reports after every assessment to help support, monitor and assess each child throughout the year.

Reports identify a range of data including how individual pupils, classes, Gender, Key Stage, Pupil Premium, SEN and EAL groups are performing.

Plus, families can access their results and download challenge cards to practice activities both in school and at home.

Bountiful benefits for class teachers

  1. Personal user access to our online portal
  2. Easily track, monitor, and assess each individual child
  3. Compare class average scores with the WOW Active national average
  4. Identify groups requiring intervention support
  5. Access certificate feedback sheets to help form end of year reports
  6. Provide personal comments in recognition of each child’s achievement
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A physical activity programme designed to
meet the needs of every school.

Option 1

Improve physical literacy and recover time for teachers as our expert team take care of the entire process.

Option 2

Upskill staff with a blended approach. Our team will train school employees so delivery can be handled internally.

Option 3

Purchase a WOW Active licence to access the software and deliver the physical activity programme internally.

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