Premier Education

Danny Boswell:

A Franchisee Case Study

We recently had the chance to catch up with Premier Education franchisee, Danny Boswell, who oversees the territories in North, East, and South Norfolk, as well as North Hertfordshire. With a background in both sports coaching and business, Danny’s journey to becoming a franchisee showcases his passion for sports and his drive to make a positive impact in the industry, and to the lives of children in his community.

Danny’s journey in the sports industry began during his school years and continued into university, where he studied Sports Coaching and Business Management. After completing his education, he ventured into other sectors but quickly realised that his true passion lay in sports. Despite working in a variety of industries for around six months, Danny was determined to find a way back into the sports industry and make a meaningful contribution.

Joining Premier Education

When the opportunity to work as an Area Coordinator for Premier Education in South Norfolk presented itself, Danny took on the role, and immersed himself in the sports and physical activity industry once more. Taking on this role allowed him to learn the intricacies of being a franchisee and develop an understanding of the Premier Education business model. As the business began to expand and thrive in South Norfolk, Danny grew into the role of Franchise Director, and expanded into nearby territories, spotting the abundant opportunity for growth.

Danny’s decision to become a franchisee was motivated by several factors. His experience provided him with invaluable knowledge into what life would be like as a franchisee, as well as the confidence and understanding required to take on the role of a Franchise Director. Furthermore, Danny’s passion for sports and his desire to make a difference aligned perfectly with Premier Education’s mission and values. By becoming a franchisee, he could leverage the organisation’s resources, programs, and support to create a lasting impact in his communities.

One of the key factors that attracted Danny to Premier Education, and has kept him motivated throughout his franchise journey, is the company’s commitment to both growth and innovation. Each year brings new programs and brands that franchisees like Danny can utilise to maximise the opportunities in each territory. This forward-thinking approach has allowed Danny, and other franchise-directors like him, to build and grow his business consistently year after year.

Being a franchisee

Danny’s goals as a franchisee revolve around continuous evolution and investing heavily in people. He emphasises the importance of investing in both employees and the children they serve, stating, “We’re a people business, we’re a service industry, so we really want to keep investing in people – not only our employees, but the children as well.” Danny aims to make a tangible impact on the lives of children in his territories by focusing on sports, performing arts, health and wellbeing, physical activity, life skills, and early years programs.

Becoming a successful Premier Education franchisee requires a few notable qualities. When we asked Danny what he thought was the most important characteristic, he stated: “It’s about that passion for sport and physical activity and engaging with the children and making sure that we can deliver the best possible experiences.”

D Boswell Case Study 2

Danny went on to talk about what the job of a Franchise-Director with Premier Education is all about: “There’s so many opportunities for us to maximise with Premier [Education], and it’s our job to really bring the brand to life.” He then points out the importance of collaborating with primary schools within each territory, stating, “It’s about working in partnership with the different schools and understanding their needs.”

We then asked Danny what he loves about being a franchisee in the Premier Education network: “The one thing that I really love about being a part of a franchise network is that you’re not on your own. You’ve got a team of people around you, both within your local franchise, and nationally as well.” He then went on to praise the support from the team at Head Office, and talked about how meeting with peers and other franchise directors has helped him to develop and grow his business into the success that it is today.

What’s next?

Over the past 14 years, Danny Boswell has built a thriving, successful business with Premier Education – enabling him to keep working in the industry he loves, and to continue making a difference to children’s lives.

But his franchising journey is not over yet! Danny plans to continue investing in his team, and in the innovative approach by the Premier Education network to further grow his business – and to keep delivering exceptional experiences to children and schools.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchisee like Danny, download our brochure today and take your first steps towards building the business you have always wanted with Premier Education.