Premier Education

Longstanding success in

Cambridge & Newmarket

Gareth Simpson has been a franchisee with Premier Education since its conception over 20 years ago. One of the business’s longeststanding and most successful partners, with Premier Education’s support he has managed to build a hugely impactful franchise.

He now provides over 40% of primary schools in Cambridge and Newmarket with sport and physical activity programmes. After working for a local competitor, Gareth decided to use the skills he had learned and build a business with us.

“I believe I was the third franchisee to come on board,’’ explains Gareth, “20 years later and I’ve never looked back! I had the privilege of really being part of the business development, particularly how it has evolved into something so much bigger.” As someone with a big passion for sports and physical education, for Gareth his franchise is so much more than just a job.

“If you are willing to put the work in it is so rewarding, but for me it doesn’t feel like work. No day is the same and the independence and flexibility it allows means your home life can fit in with your job seamlessly. Being able to do what you love and have your own professional business is fantastic.”

Even though Gareth is managing a huge regional franchise and a team of 52, he still has the opportunity to cover for coaches or take part in inspirational assemblies, something he relishes. With the Premier Education franchise, he gets to have a direct and positive impact on children’s development. Today, Gareth’s franchise has grown to be 10x the size of the local competitor where he was formerly employed. Crediting the support he has received, Gareth recommends considering becoming a franchisee rather than going it alone.

“With Premier Education you are building a future, rather than just living day to day. Premier Education is always looking forward and evolving, helping you to keep ahead of the competition. They are the best in the country, and you have the weight and power of that brand behind you, keeping you ahead of the game.”

In 2022, Gareth appointed Callum as his business partner and fellow Franchise Director. Having been with the business for four years and developed through several leadership roles, this step is the next in a phase of vital succession planning for Gareth as a franchisee.

Gareth was also appointed Wraparound Care Trailblazer for Premier Education following his incredible impact on the local community and its children. His insight provides invaluable support to the rest of the collective network.

If you are willing to put the work in it is so rewarding, but for me it doesn’t feel like work.

I am really proud of what we do. Premier Education is a really successful business model and we build close relationships with a large number of schools. All the effort is worth it for the children you inspire!

Gareth Simpson