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Elliott Anderson Case Study

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1. The Mission

Now a franchisee with six regional branches of Premier Activate under his wing, Elliott Anderson’s career has long been supported by Premier’s programme. Elliott was studying sport and business at university when he first discovered the company and began coaching at local schools. “Since day one I have always intended on becoming a franchise partner,” he explains, “Premier Education is renowned for having a real passion for sport. This, paired with the support on offer and the opportunity to get a business off the ground straight away made it a no-brainer decision for me.

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2. Building Success

Elliott took part in a two-week course with Premier which equipped him with the initial training and insights he needed to start building his first franchise. “I spent time looking at the local market, analysing the competition and opportunities as well as forecasting for the business. For the first year as a franchisee I had a mentor from Premier supporting me each step of the way, which was truly invaluable”.

Elliott’s success as a franchisee for Premier cannot be denied. Today he looks after a team of 40 across his six franchises, after gradually building up his portfolio over the past six years. In just the last 12 months he has added a further four franchises to his name. “The more you put into the Premier Education programme, the more you get out of it. You have a direct impact on the business,” says Elliott, “but the best part is the freedom and flexibility it gives you to work at a pace and to a schedule that is best for you.

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3. Advice for Newcomers

For anyone looking for a career change, Elliott cannot recommend the franchisee opportunity with Premier Education enough. “If you have the knowledge, skills and passion it is the perfect move. With Premier Education, the opportunity for growth and earning potential is really high. As a business model, with the additional support and training, it works more often than is does not! Put the hard work in and you will see the reward.”

If you are considering becoming a franchisee my advice is to make the most of the network that is provided by Premier Education. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience available to you from people who have built successful franchises with the Premier Education model. Make sure you take advantage of this and speak to everyone you can!

If you are considering becoming a franchisee, my advice is to make the most of the network that is provided by Premier Education.

Elliott Anderson