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Building Each Other Up

Premier Education has built its reputation on high quality coaching from passionate individuals. We’ve got the training, the facilities and the structure to create rewarding, fulfilling coaching roles across the country.

If you’re an experienced coach looking for the next step, or if you’re planning a life-long career in physical activity, Premier Education might just be the perfect opportunity. We’re growing all the time and taking on more and more senior and management staff.

We spoke to two of our senior team members from different parts of the country who both joined us as coaches. We asked them how they got started on their journey and how they reached the point they’re at today.

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Two Success Stories

Name: John Gorner
Current Job role: School Liaison Manager
Territories: Cheshire, Bolton, Wigan & Leigh
Years worked with Premier Education: 13

Name: Ross Catchpole
Current Job role: Partnership Development Manager
Territories: East Norfolk, North Norfolk, South Norfolk, North Hertfordshire.
Years worked with Premier Education: 9

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Their Experience

When did you join Premier Education?

John Gormer: “13 years ago. I started coaching part time, between studies. I was working towards a degree in sports coaching.”

Ross Catchpole: “Around 9 years ago, I joined as a coach, part time whilst studying sports and physical education at uni.”


What was it like when you started?

JG: “It was great to take something I enjoyed, something I was passionate about, and be able to turn it into a profession.”

RC: “Really smooth, there were just no barriers. I got straight into doing what I wanted to do. I carried on coaching for around 4 or 5 years.”


What do you think makes Premier Education special?

J.G: “It’s been great to see the company develop over the years, seeing the ways they’re innovating to stay at the forefront of the industry. It’s also exciting to work for a company that’s partnered with some of the biggest, best governing bodies in the country.”

RC: “It’s not just delivering sports sessions, we’re giving support to children who need it. SEN groups, children with behavioural difficulties, GAT children, focus on wellbeing – daily exercise, supporting schools with their plans as a coach.“


What do you love most about your job?

JG: Interacting with people. Nowadays I do a lot of interacting with schools and their staff. Often they might come to me with something they need, something that’s holding them back, and it’s really satisfying to be able to find a solution for them.”

RC: Having an impact on children and schools by offering quality products. I really believe in what we do and that makes it so much more enjoyable. Plus, the products we offer are always changing and improving, which creates variation. You don’t get stuck doing the same thing for too long.


What would you say to somebody thinking about a career in coaching?

JG: When you’re running a sports club that’s sort of it, there’s not really anywhere to go from there. At Premier Education, you can teach so many different sports and then take on so many different roles, if you want. It makes it possible to have a life-long career doing something you love.

RC: If you’re interested in impacting children’s lives and having an impact in your community joining Premier Education is a great mov. It’s so much more than a stop-gap, it’s a real career opportunity. There are some well-paid careers you can develop from within Premier Education that I don’t think you can get coaching elsewhere.

It’s not just delivering sports sessions, we’re giving support to children who need it