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Laura Eagle:

Being a Premier Education coach

At each and every Premier Education session, our coaches (we call them activity professionals) host a range of exciting sports and activities, whilst providing excellent childcare. A combination guaranteed to help children learn, develop, and grow. But who are our coaches?

We sat down with Laura Eagle, Premier Education activity professional, and Brand Development Manager, and discussed her journey so far as a coach at Premier Education. We learn about her route into coaching, what a typical day in her role looks like, what she enjoys about her job as well as a few useful tips for anyone wishing to become a coach in the future.

Being a Premier Education coach Laura Eagle 2

How did you know you were born to be a coach, and what was your route into coaching?

Performing art sessions have been popular amongst children. Being allowed the freedom to express themselves they come up with creative dance routines, learn new movements, and take part in fun activities.

Laura is a lead for performing arts sessions, it is clear how much she enjoys her role and has established a great connection with the children.

“I’ve always loved working with children and seeing them develop and engage in different activities” she explains.

“I’ve always wanted to inspire children in predominantly performing arts but to also give them new opportunities.”

For many of the children that attend Premier Education camps, our Activity Professionals act as role models, introducing them into a world of fun activities whilst enhancing their development. Each coach comes from a different background with various interests and skillsets. The result is that every coach provides something different, making each holiday camp experience unique.

Laura’s route to coaching was a little different from other activity professionals in our network, such as Jordan. With a passion for performing arts, Laura attended a specialist performing arts college before making the leap to work on cruise ships for 5 years.

She adds, “After that I started coaching performing arts at Premier Education but since being here, I’ve really developed my own career path. I’ve had opportunities to train in different areas and I’m really glad that I made that decision 5 years ago.”

What’s a typical day in the life of an activity professional and what do you get out of coaching?

The landscape as a Premier Education coach changes constantly on a regular basis. From being situated at different venues to coaching a new class of children, working with new colleagues, and delivering a variety of activities, each day as an Activity Professional is never the same as the last.

Laura describes each day as, “always different” and also mentions, “every day is never the same.”

She gives us further clarity on what a normal working day looks like by noting, “Quite often you spend time planning sessions, making sure that sessions delivered are (high) quality before heading out to schools where you could potentially be delivering a full afternoon of P.E. and an after-school activity. We could even end up delivering activities at a Wrap-Around Care session, which we have spread across the country.”

The role is hands-on but, for Laura, witnessing the progression of each child makes it worthwhile.

Seeing a child progress and change, especially if you’ve worked with a group of children for a long time – It’s great to see their development right from the age of 5 through to 12 when they go to high school.

Laura Eagle
Activity Professional / Brand Development Manager

What essential qualities do you need to become a coach?

Becoming a coach isn’t for everyone. it requires a specific set of skills and characteristics to be successful. When asked what qualities are needed to become a coach, she mentions, “patience for starters but also being open to new challenges, welcoming them with open arms.”

She adds, “I would also say being determined and linking back to patience, having time for the children, and being a good listener helps.”

Being a Premier Education coach Laura Eagle 1

What would you say to someone who wants to become a Premier Education coach and what is your top tip?

Sharing advice to aspiring coaches, she recommends to “go for it”, adding, “I think every single day is different, so embrace new challenges and take on new opportunities.”

Taking the leap at a young age to work on a cruise ship was a brave decision that paid off in Laura’s route to becoming a coach. Seizing the opportunity opened new doors, and in her top tip, this message is echoed.

“Be open to new opportunities and have patience” she says. “Go with it and enjoy every experience that comes your way.”

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