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Jordan Rodwell:

Being a Premier Education coach

At each and every Premier Education session, our coaches (we call them activity professionals) host a range of exciting sports and activities, whilst providing excellent childcare. A combination guaranteed to help children learn, develop, and grow. But who are our coaches?

On the road this time, we met with Jordan Rodwell, an activity professional who quickly worked out that sports coaching was the right route for him. Jordan shares insight on his route to becoming a coach, the obstacles he’s had to overcome, and some advice for aspiring coaches that want to join Premier Education or the wider industry in the future.

Being a Premier Education coach Jordan Rodwell 1

What was your route into coaching?

Like many other industries, there isn’t one path people must follow to achieve success as a coach. Most people who choose coaching as a career come from a variety of backgrounds with different interests, motivations, and goals.

As for Jordan, his journey began in football, which he played to a good level. Unfortunately, it would be down to an injury that saw his football playing days come to an end. It was then that he turned to coaching.

“When I was younger, I played football to a reasonable standard and, unfortunately, got injured which meant I could no longer play. I then had to take a few years off and decided I wanted to get into football coaching.”

He then details how he progressed into further education to enhance his knowledge in coaching, not only in football but in other sports too.

“I found myself a university course up in Manchester to study football coaching. After spending four years in Manchester, I decided that I wanted to develop my skills and coaching, not only in football but in a range of sports.

He adds, “I’ve now moved down this way, to Norwich, to work at Premier Education and become an activity professional.”

Did you know you were born to be a coach?

From a young age, Jordan was always involved in sports and was unafraid to take the lead when taking part in a new activity.

“I played every sport available during school and I was usually the team captain, so I’ve always been a leader, often giving out instructions to people around me.”

Having a background in sports from a young age had a strong influence on his career choice further down the line.

“As I grew older and couldn’t play sports again, it seemed like a very sensible option for me to go straight into coaching sports.”

Being a Premier Education coach Jordan Rodwell 2

What would you say to someone who wants to become a Premier Education activity professional?


Taking the necessary steps toward becoming a coach can be a daunting process for many. However, Jordan supports anyone in this position and encourages them to pursue a career as an activity professional.

If you’re someone who loves sports and thinks you’re going to like working with children, it’s both the perfect job and opportunity.

Jordan Rodwell
Activity Professional

But like any career, it’s critical to enjoy what you’re doing on a daily basis.

“You must make sure that you’re passionate about those things to make the job work,” he goes on to say “making it beneficial for yourself and the children you are coaching.”

What’s your top tip for an aspiring coach?

When asked what top advice he would pass on to an aspiring coach, Jordan doubles down on the importance of enjoying your career and shares his thoughts in more detail.

“It’s about being passionate about what you do and what you are delivering at all times, coming to work every day with a smile on your face, and making every session you deliver as fun as possible.”

He adds, “Especially when you’re coaching young kids, they engage much better when everything is fun, and more relaxed as rather than shouting and screaming at them. It makes your life easier and more enjoyable but obviously, the kids enjoy it a lot more.”

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