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5 Reasons to Become a Franchisee

Starting your own business is a huge but exciting step in your life and career.

It’s an investment in your future that gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, often with your own team, and grow the business from the ground up into something you can truly be proud of.

But starting any new business comes with risk, which is why every aspect of becoming a business owner needs to be carefully considered. Franchising is an established business model that removes many of the uncertainties of starting and owning a new company, and for many, it’s the perfect route to achieving success.

Find out more about the benefits of becoming a franchisee with our top five reasons:

You’re joining an established brand

It’s a proven business model

There’s an established support network

Franchises are more likely to succeed than start-ups

You still have room to expand

Top five reasons to become a franchisee

At Premier Education, we’ve been a franchisor for over 22 years, and have seen many of our franchisees go from strength to strength with their businesses, with many turning over £1m a year.

Franchising is a proven formula that has shown its value, not only for existing franchisees of Premier Education, but in general. Starting a business entirely from scratch is very time-consuming and requires significant investment and resources. While a franchise business still requires the franchisee to invest both time and resources, the guidance provided by the franchisor usually helps manage both aspects, and without the same level of risk.

A franchise provides a new business owner with the support and training they need to run their company – not only at the very start but throughout their time as a franchise owner – and has a number of benefits over starting from scratch.

While there are other benefits to becoming a franchisee, here are our top five.

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1. You’re joining an established brand

Brand recognition takes years of tireless effort to build and maintain. When you join a franchise, all the years of hard work spent marketing, advertising and building a respected reputation in the market have already been done for you.

Branding is an essential part of business, with a recognised and trusted name giving you an immediate advantage when competing for customers. With everything that goes into launching and establishing a brand taken out of your hands, a huge part of what determines the success of new businesses is guaranteed from the start.

Premier Education is the No. 1 provider of sports and physical activities to primary schools in the UK, making it an instantly recognisable name for those in the sector. We’re partnered with over 2500 schools in the UK – taking on a franchise opportunity with us will instantly give you access to our network and give your business credibility.

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2. It’s a proven business model

Franchising itself is a proven business model, and one that has worked incredibly well for some of the largest corporations on the planet. On a smaller scale, seeing the success of other franchisees with the same franchise shows a winning formula.

You only need to look at the success of other franchisees within the same company, see how they manage their services and increase their customer base to see a blueprint to follow.

5 Reasons to Become a Franchisee
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3. There’s an established support network

One of the most valued advantages of starting a franchise business is the support network and training that the franchisor provides. Franchise opportunities allow you to run your own business, but still have access to the resources and industry knowledge of an established company.

At Premier Education, we work alongside our franchisees before they’ve even signed the franchise agreement. It’s important to know we’re a good match, so from the first phone call we work to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

From the early stages, when a franchisee is looking to create a business plan, to a franchisee that is looking to open the next in a series of franchises; our team is available for support and advice throughout.

Simon Mowbray and Stuart King, owners and founders of Multi Sport Pro in Lincoln, who say their business “doubled overnight” after signing a franchise agreement that saw them merge an existing sports coaching business into the network, note that the “main attraction of joining Premier Education was the infrastructure and the team behind the brand”. They found that the support with everything from marketing to product development gave them a better work-life balance, allowing them to invest time into their business in the best way for them.

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4. Franchises are more likely to succeed than start-ups

For many of the reasons we have already discussed, a franchise business is more likely to succeed than a start-up.

Becoming a franchisee is a great way to own a business without taking on unnecessary risks. The benefit of seeing how others have succeeded in the franchise before you takes away some of the doubt that inevitably comes with start-ups, following a tried and tested method aided by training and additional services.

All the money that a start-up must spend on advertising and launching a new brand can be used elsewhere. Investing these funds into a franchise opportunity allows you to spread the cost across the business, ensuring your services are at a higher level.

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5. You still have room to expand

Some may be under the impression that becoming a franchisee will limit their ability to expand and grow their place in the market. But being a franchise owner doesn’t limit you to a single location.

There may be several franchise opportunities in an area, and after the success of the first, many will move on to a new location and expand their business. At Premier Education, it is common for our franchisees to own multiple franchises, investing in a new area to offer our services with even greater impact.

Becoming a franchisee with Premier Education

If becoming a franchisee has piqued your interest – and in particular, becoming a franchisee with Premier Education – you can reach out to us today for more information.

To find out a little more about the process of applying, and the help we offer our franchisees, read our guide to becoming a franchisee, or find out more about Premier Education franchising opportunities.