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Premier Education Franchise Success Stories; Our Top Tips For Successful Franchising

Buying into a franchise isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, as it’s so much more than just getting a new job. But joining a successful franchise which already has a strong brand means that, as franchise owners, you reap even greater benefits than if you were a standalone company – all while building a career in an industry you love!

It can be daunting to establish your own business in your local community, but all the hard work is undoubtedly worth it if you are prepared to invest your time and energy in the services you offer.

We know the challenges of becoming a franchisee, which is why we offer a comprehensive training programme and continued support for our franchisees.

In this blog, we look at some of our franchise success stories and how their lives – and careers – have been transformed along with top tips for being successful.

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Simon Trim & Mark Brewer

Becoming a franchisee can happen in numerous ways, one of which is to merge an existing business with a franchise network, as successfully demonstrated by Simon and Mark. With an established sports coaching business already operating in the southwest, the pair joined Premier Education after struggling to grow as quickly as they’d planned.

Since merging their own business with Premier Education, Simon and Mark trebled the number of schools they operate in. Simon had some clear advice for other organisations looking to join Premier Education, “I think it’s crucial to review your business as it stands and compare it to a Premier Education business of a similar age.”

This is a great success story and an example of how existing businesses can benefit from being part of a franchise business.

Gareth Simpson

One of our longstanding franchisees is one of our most successful. Gareth Simpson had been working with a local competitor in the Cambridge area before joining Premier Education. His existing knowledge and skills – as well as his passion for sports and physical education – gave him the ideal foundation for becoming a franchisee, which is now over 20 years ago!

Today, Gareth’s franchise has grown to be ten times the size of the local competitor he previously worked for. In fact, he now provides over 40% of primary schools in Cambridge and Newmarket with sport and physical activity programmes.

Andrew Overhill

After spending 20 years in the hospitality industry, Andrew longed for a new challenge that would be more than just a job. His lifelong love of sport saw him discover Premier Education and he was eager to find out more.

Andrew realised that he had many transferrable skills that would be ideal for the education and physical activity sectors, so it didn’t take him long to build a success story of his own.

Comparing his previous job to his new franchise career, Andrew comments: “They’re both very customer-focused and involve a lot of interacting with people. You have to provide your customers with the best they can get – whether that’s a plate of food or an activity session.”

Andrew and his team now work in 30 schools, demonstrating how franchise success often comes from passion alongside the investment of time and money.

The key to success?

Of course, success isn’t guaranteed, and although franchisees benefit from the overall support and backing of the franchisor, ultimately it’s the franchisee’s responsibility to build up and their own business.

So is there a magic formula for franchise success? Sadly not, but we have put together some tips to help any budding franchisee succeed.

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Love the product/service you are offering

It might sound obvious, but it’s important to invest in a franchise that is in an industry you love. Your clients will see your passion through your impeccable service levels and will appreciate your genuine care. This, in turn, will lead to increased recommendations and ultimately, franchise success. The majority of our franchise success stories have built up their own business with Premier Education because of their love of sport and desire to inspire children.

Hire the right team

It’s so important to hire wisely, ensuring your team members share your commitment and accurately reflect the brand. As a Premier Education franchisee you won’t be the one on the ground, directly delivering the services to schools – your activity professionals will.

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Become marketing savvy

Although you’re a part of a well-known and respected brand, as a franchise partner it’s still important for you to drive awareness – and therefore growth – within your territory. Be prepared to spend time using social media and other channels to communicate to your key audiences – like in our Cambridge & Newmarket areas!

Build a business plan

This is a key step in the Premier Education franchising process. Ask yourself what you want to achieve long-term – what’s your strategy? One of the biggest reasons for franchises failing is poor planning. Money also needs careful management; create and stick to a budget but also plan for any unexpected expenses.

Accept franchisor support

Franchisors provide ongoing training and support to help franchisees stay up to date with the latest business trends, technology, and best practices. Successful franchisees take advantage of these resources to continually improve their business. Here at Premier, we work closely with our franchisees from the very initial enquiry to ensure they are completely comfortable with what’s involved, and we don’t stop supporting them even when they are fully established.

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There are many ways to become a franchise success story, but something that’s apparent across the board is, if you have the drive to succeed and a passion for the industry, it will be hard to fail.

Many of our franchisees remain with us for many years and expand to own multiple territories. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information on becoming a Premier Education franchisee.