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Can you use Childcare Vouchers for Holiday Clubs? Your Holiday Camp FAQs Answered

For busy working parents, Premier Education holiday camps provide essential childcare as well as an enriching and fun experience for children.

Camp-goers learn new skills, try different sports and make friends, all while keeping active on their summer break.

Everything you need to know about booking a Premier Education holiday camp

Children playing hockey at a Premier Education Holiday Camp 2
Anchor Point: packing-your-childs-bag

What do I need to pack in my child’s bag?

It very much depends on the weather and the activities they will be doing.

Generally, we ask that parents prepare for all eventualities so pack a spare change of clothes – especially if water play forms part of the timetable – along with a rain coat in case of showers and suncream and a hat for sunny days. Shin pads are useful for contact sports and a spare pair of shoes or trainers is useful but not essential.

Clothes should be practical. A good rule of thumb is to consider whether their outfit is suitable for a PE lesson. If so, then it’s perfect for a holiday camp!

Unless stated otherwise, we ask that kids arrive with their own nut-free packed lunch, snack and plenty of water.

It’s also good practise to apply a layer of suncream before they set off in the morning.

Anchor Point: haf-course-packed-lunches

My child is attending a HAF course, do they need to bring a lunch?

The Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) is a government scheme which enables local authorities to coordinate and provide free holiday provision for children with a free school meals code. This provision includes healthy food and enriching activities. In this instance, parents pay nothing; this provision is free.

As a result, all HAF courses supply lunches – be it a meal deal, packed lunch or hot lunch. Therefore, there’s no need to provide a lunch for those attending a HAF course.

Anchor Point: booking-in-advance

Can we just turn up on the day or do we need to book in advance?

All places must be booked in advance – we have a system in place enabling you to pay and book online.

You will need to set-up an account and will get assigned an account number. Within your account you can populate the ‘My Family’ section with essential information about each child. Once booking has been confirmed you’ll receive a payment reference number in a booking confirmation email.

Due to the popularity of holiday camps, advanced booking is essential – full payment is required at the time of booking.

We advise parents to book their chosen camps as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and have peace of mind that childcare is pre-arranged.

Anchor Point: accomodating-allergies

My child has allergies. How is this accommodated?

Simply log in to the parent portal on the Premier Education website and visit your childcare account which is where all medical information and allergies should be submitted.

Parents can log all relevant allergen information on the ‘My Family’ section of the website. The holiday camp organisers will then be aware of all medical requirements and information relating to allergies.

To be mindful and respectful to those with allergies, we ask that everyone attending the camp brings a nut-free packed lunch.

Children playing football at a Premier Education Holiday Camp
Anchor Point: flexi-booking

Is flexi-booking an option?

Whilst advanced booking is essential, parents have an option to add flexi-booking to their basket when booking. Flexi-booking enables you to cancel your booking after the 14-day statutory period, giving you a full refund for the remainder of the booking (minus the cost of the insurance).

If the booking is for a holiday event, then we can arrange for the date to be amended to an alternative during the same holiday period at the same venue.

Anchor Point: childcare-vouchers

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We are regularly asked whether parents can pay with childcare vouchers. Or whether there’s a childcare vouchers holiday club.

Any venue that can accept payment, including tax free childcare, will be able to advise whether childcare vouchers can be used towards holiday camp childcare costs. Alternatively, contact your childcare voucher provider for full T&Cs, as childcare voucher schemes can vary.

After you receive a confirmation email of the booking, the details will be forwarded to your local area office who will contact you with the details needed to release the payment.

Childcare vouchers are operated through salary sacrifice (or salary exchange).  A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement to reduce an employee’s entitlement to cash pay, usually in return for a non-cash benefit.

Anchor Point: booking-single-days

Can I book single days?

It depends on the venue.

If the venue shows a cost per session, it will accept single day childcare bookings. If the cost is shown per course, all dates must be booked and, therefore, single day bookings are not available.

Anchor Point: booking-additional-time

Is it possible to book additional time?

Depending on the event and venue offering, booking additional time is sometimes an option. 

If the event shows that an option for extra time is available it can be booked, but must be booked for all dates. The cost for this is £5 per child per day and covers 30 minutes additional time at the start of the event and 30 minutes at the end.

This must be paid for via card on the payment page of the website – unfortunately, it is not covered by childcare vouchers.

Anchor Point: can-my-four-year-old-attend

Can my four-year-old attend?

Four year olds can attend but only if the event is Ofsted registered with Early Years Cover. If the event is Ofsted registered but the age states from five this is because they do not have the added coverage and, therefore, four year olds are unable to attend.

You can find out if a childcare provider is Ofsted registered by visiting the Ofsted website and searching for a venue or using an Ofsted number.

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Anchor Point: can-siblings-be-together

Can siblings be together?

Yes they can, although the oldest sibling will need to move down to the younger group because younger children cannot move up a group.

Anchor Point: early-collection

If I need to collect early, how do I gain entry?

At drop-off speak to the head coach and they will supply you with a phone number to call at pick-up, when a member of the team will meet you at the main door.

Anchor Point: can-i-stay-to-watch

Can I stay to watch?

Due to child protection regulations it is not appropriate for parents to watch.

Anchor Point: children-that-require-1-1-or-sen

Can you accept children that require 1-1 or SEN? 

 Unfortunately, due to the volume of events we offer we are unable to offer 1-1 support.

Any child that requires additional needs but not 1-1 are requested to call Head Office and we can put you in touch with the regional area office, with whom you can discuss the care your child needs during holiday camp childcare.

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to keep your youngsters entertained over the summer holidays, find a Premier Education holiday camp near you.