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Easter Activities for Kids

Ten ways to keep kids active over the Easter break

With Easter fast approaching, now is the time to start planning some eggs-ellent Easter fun to keep the children occupied during the school holidays – come rain or shine! From Easter egg hunts to dyeing eggs, there’s plenty of opportunity to get creative and have fun.

Here at Premier Education, we’re passionate about keeping kids (and adults!) active over the holidays so here’s our guide to fun Easter activities which are guaranteed to keep even the most energetic little chicks busy.

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Easter Activities for Kids

Easter activities for kids at home

We all know that the great British weather can be somewhat unpredictable, so it’s always worth having some indoor games and activities up your sleeve that the whole family can enjoy.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

While your children already have their detective heads on (see Easter egg hunts below) why not challenge them to a fun scavenger hunt around the house? Write a series of simple clues to lead them to the next, with a prize at the end.

For a bit of fun, be inspired by easter themes and include a challenge along with each clue. For example ‘quack like a duck’, ‘do five bunny hops’, ‘waddle like a baby chick, or ‘tell Easter jokes’. It’s hilarious, challenging and, above all, fun!

Egg decorating

Easter crafts are a brilliant indoor activity so why not create some pretty Easter eggs which will not only decorate the house but can be kept and reused for years to come.

How to get cracking

Unless you’re prepared with some plastic eggs, you’ll need to start by creating hollow eggs. After washing and drying your eggs, use a needle to carefully pierce a hole in either end of the egg, and over a bowl, blow gently but with enough force to empty the egg of its white and yolk. Rinse and dry your egg once again and you’re ready to start dyeing and decorating!

Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with 1/4 of a teaspoon of food colouring, and pour the food colouring or dye into 3/4 of a cup full of water. Gently place the egg in the dye so that it is covered, and leave it until you have the desired colour, then remove to dry.

Now it’s time to get creative! Use acrylic paint to decorate your eggs or why not create your own bunnies or chicks using feathers, glitter, pom poms and googly eyes? Attach items with strong glue or a glue gun (adult supervision imperative!) and make a festive display of your cracking creations!

Bunny, bunny, RABBIT

An Easter twist on Duck, Duck, Goose, this activity may require a bit more space, but is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone whilst providing a healthy dose of family fun.

  1. Everyone sits down in a circle, and then select one person to be “it”.
  2. Whoever is “it” walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head and saying “bunny” until they say “RABBIT”.
  3. Both the “it” person and the RABBIT must hop around the circle trying to reach the vacant spot.
  4. Whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time is then “it”.

Easter finger painting

Challenge your children to use their imaginations – can they make their handprint into an Easter bunny or another Easter creature?

Younger children will love using their finger and thumb prints to make chicks or eggs too. A simple thumbprint with the addition of some cute bunny ears makes the perfect Easter card or memento. It’s also great for the development of creativity and gross motor skills.

All you need is some paints, paper and overalls.

Easter-themed workout

Little ones thrive on the opportunity to participate in family activities so why not create your own fun Easter workout for some pulse-raising family fun?

Let everyone in the household suggest their own activities or movements that will feature in the workout so it’s a collaborative process.

Your indoor circuit could include bunny hops, star jumps, jogging on the spot and even a balance challenge by putting a tape measure on the floor to act as a balance beam.

Once you have a small circuit, can your child complete it three times?

Outdoor games to play over the Easter weekend

Of course, we are all hoping that Spring will well and truly arrive in time for Easter so we can get outside and enjoy some much-needed fresh air.

We’ve put together some outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy, so if you’ve had your fill of hot cross buns, you’d better hop to it!

Easter egg hunt

Easter wouldn’t be the same without a traditional Easter egg hunt, and what could be better than filling those Easter baskets in the great outdoors?

Get inventive with your hiding places, and to really get the kids moving why not time them – fastest one gets a special prize from the Easter bunny!

The more active they’ve been, the more they’ll deserve a rest and the chance to crack open and eat the chocolate afterwards!

Bean bag tosses

This is one for the patio or a garden table and requires just a few simple items.

Using empty cans or plastic cups, challenge your children to knock down pyramid towers using bean bags (or balled socks). How many can they knock down? Can they be as successful when taking two steps back? A great test for hand-eye coordination.

Easter Activities for Kids 1

Egg and spoon race

Not just for sports day, this fun activity is the ideal Easter game.

Find enough space for your race, whether that be in the garden or local park and arm yourselves with plenty of eggs! We’d recommend boiling them first unless you want things to get eggs-tremely messy! Grab some spoons and get racing – just don’t drop the egg! Line up some treats as a special reward for all participants.

Bunny hop sack race

Another activity reminiscent of school sports day, a bunny hop sack race can help you bounce off any pent-up Easter energy in no time.

Use sacks if you have them, if not, some old pillowcases would work. Set out your course and see who can hop the fastest.

You could add an extra challenge by having items of clothing placed along the route for the racers to put on as fast as they can. Finish with an easter parade of the hilarious outfits!

Teddy bear’s picnic for all the family

Hold an Easter-themed teddy bear’s picnic with plenty of Easter eggs, hot cross buns, Easter cookies or your favourite sandwiches. Your children will love involving their much-loved soft toys in the fun.

All you need is a waterproof blanket, paper plates and plenty of Easter treats.

Ideas for making Easter day special

When Easter Sunday arrives, enjoy this special family time with some yummy food, Easter games and of course, plenty of chocolate.

To get everyone in the Easter spirit, decorate the house the night before (you could even pop decorations up from Good Friday through to Easter Monday). Add some cute chicks, festive bunnies and colourful eggs scattered around – you could also hide some to create a fun holiday hunt for the kids.

Start the day with a delicious Easter brunch! You could step away from cereal and whip up some pancakes, French toast or eggs Benedict. A protein-filled brunch will certainly help fuel the inevitable Easter egg hunt!

Then, let the games begin! If tummies are still full, why not start with some colouring – there are plenty of Easter printables available.

Making each other simple Easter cards to exchange is another idea which can get the creative juices flowing.

Ultimately, Easter is a time to be together and enjoy all Spring has to offer, so whatever the weather, we highly recommend getting outside even if it’s just for half an hour!

Easter holiday camps – the ultimate fun for Easter break

To take the pressure off from having to come up with fun Easter activities throughout the school holidays, why not enrol your kids in a holiday camp? Premier Education Easter holiday camps are available at locations across the country and are the perfect way to keep children busy and ensure they have a lot of fun through active play!

Easter Activities for Kids 2

We offer a range of options including individual days or one-week camps, and all have been designed for children of all ages and ability levels.

These activity-packed courses are a great way of introducing your child to new sports, making new friends and developing new skills. Not only will they get to play some fantastic games with other children, but the inclusive activities are designed to build their confidence and develop independence.

Our Easter camps are run by fully-qualified activity professionals, who work closely with the venue to make sure the children are having plenty of Easter fun and staying active.

Find an Easter holiday camp near you today.

Hop to it!

Whether it’s colouring eggs, an Easter hunt, Easter crafts, or fun Easter games, there is no end to the opportunities to keep kids entertained over the seasonal school holidays.

Don’t miss out – it’s a brilliant time to involve children and adults alike so make it fun for all the family! Download our Easter Activities book for more fun Easter ideas!

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