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Our Top 5 Activities to Help Your Kids Stay Active!

Over the past few months, we’ve been providing families across the UK with resources to help them stay healthy and active. These activities have been designed to provide families like yours with quick, easy, engaging games and activities that will stimulate the mind and body.

Our Stay Active resources were designed by experts in Health & Wellbeing, Lifeskills and Physical Activity, and here are the top 5 activities to get you and your family started.

1.The Mindfulness Jar

Having been at home for so long, it’s no surprise that each of us can feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. Set aside 20 minutes to feel calm, and make your own Mindfulness Jar, which provides a visual demonstration of how calming activities can help balance our emotions. All you’ll need is a jar, water, glitter and glue. Give it a go with the kids today and see just how calm you feel watching the glitter swirl inside your jar.

Download our Mindfulness Jar activity card.

2.Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a taste of summer. With our healthy, easy-to-make frozen yogurt bites, the kids can make their own delicious treats for those sunny days. Join hundreds of families enjoying these fruity desserts this summer.

Download our Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites recipe card.

top 5 activities yogurt bites
top 5 activities where in the world
top 5 activities jive bunnies

3.Learn to Jive

Turn up the volume to a classic Jive song, as it’s time to learn some new moves. Our brilliant coaches have planned a routine for your kids (or you!) to groove along to. Get jiving to our personal favourite, Rockin’ Robin and show us your moves using #StayActive on social.

Download our Jive Bunnies routine

4.Copy Cats – in partnership with Table Tennis England

All you need is an open space and a partner, so you might have to join with the kids! Standing opposite one another, the leader will step side to side however they choose. The follower must try to keep up, by copying the action. Liven things up by striking poses or playing pretend Table Tennis shots.

Download Copy Cats to build reflexes and reaction time.

5.Where in the World?

With the whole world united by a common struggle at the moment, what better time to learn about other countries, animals, landmarks and more? Find yourself a map, ask the children some questions like “Where would you find elephants?” and ask them to point to their answer. Make the questions as easy, or as tricky as you like.

Download our Where in the World challenge and learn more about planet Earth.



If you enjoyed these, there are plenty more to download on our Stay Active homepage!

Be sure to share your favourites with us on social media too using #StayActive