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Making our mark on the next generation!

Over the last few months our coaches have continued to work with our partner schools to support the children of key workers still attending classes.

Their passion for inspiring the next generation is what has kept them going through what, as we all know, have been some difficult times.

A message of gratitude that we received recently has lifted the spirits of the entire company, as it’s messages like this that remind us why we love the opportunity to instil self-belief and confidence in their own abilities into the children we coach.

Our Woking franchise received the following from a parent at Alwyn Infant School…

I wanted to give you some positive feedback about Mr Smith, who I believe is one of the athletics coaches at the moment, who has been teaching year 1 this term. My daughter has absolutely loved his lessons and I have noticed her confidence has really grown in athletics and in competing generally this term, under what seems to have been partly due to his encouraging influence. There was one day in particular where she ran various races and then he put her in the final against 3 boys and she won – listening to her explain how she was scared about running with the boys but then decided that ‘Mr Smith thought she could do it so she decided to try really hard’ was wonderful to hear. It was his approach that made her believe in herself, because I know she can be quite shy sometimes in front of people.

At that point I had never even heard of him but we happened to pass him at pick up and he stopped me to explain how well she’d done. The children seem to adore him – all the mums have been saying similar things and the kids are now booked into the summer camp because they realised he was running it.

My point is, that a a time of craziness, his influence and teaching has been a great addition to this term, along with the other fantastic members of staff at Alwyn. I thought it was worth mentioning.

We appreciate every piece of feedback we receive. Our PESSPA offering is syncronised with the national curriculum and is designed to support children’s development in being creative, confident and caring. This feedback reflects just that and cements our ideology.

The staff at HQ would like to congratulate Mr. Smith on representing the company so well and engaging with the company core values, especially that of ‘creating wonderfully memorable experiences’!